Stellar Blade Suffers From High Input Lag, Developer Recommends Enabling Game Mode On TVs

Sony Interactive Entertainment and Shift Up's upcoming action adventure game, Stellar Blade, suffers from a high amount of input lag.

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Sonic188113d ago

I wonder would they have to delay the game to fix that?

Cacabunga12d ago

This would have happened many years ago.. nowadays devs are allowed to release games not finished

Rynxie12d ago

Don't worry, it will also suffer from being a crappy game. People who bought it will also suffer for being thirsty for waifus.

shammgod12d ago

Demo was great. I immediately preordered digital deluxe and a physical copy. Cant wait!

SCW198212d ago

This is the Lies of P of 2024, nothing about this will be a crappy game. It plays awesome.

ravens5211d ago

If you use the word "waifu", your probably one of the people your talking about lol.

CrimsonWing6911d ago (Edited 11d ago )

What do you have against attractive female designs? Does it hurt your feelings about who you’re in a relationship with?

Like, I’ll never understand how an ugly female portrayal nobody mentions “Waifu,” but when it’s something attractive it’s like such a problem for them.

You’d think ugly female portrayals would be more offensive, but nope. Nobody bats an eye. Suddenly, it’s an attractive design and you have Waifu this and Waifu that like it’s some terrible thing.

People are weird as f*ck. Like the only “controversy” behind this game is they made an attractive female and for some reason we have Cardi B singing WAP on stage in more revealing clothes simulating sexual acts on stage, but that’s ok and brave! We have celebrities on the red carpet exposing their butt cheeks and nipples and it’s such an amazing designed dress. You have a game character that’s attractive and suddenly everyone’s a f*cking Waifu loser for appreciating it… this world needs to give me a break with this sh*t.

I miss the good ol’ days when nobody made a stink about any of this. The only reason I can see someone getting offended by this is due to low self-esteem or you’re a prude, otherwise who cares?

Charlieboy33311d ago (Edited 11d ago )

@ Rynxie As opposed to you who walks around with a Baywatch babe on each arm right? You are drowning in hot ladies over there.....your thirst is quenched!


Charlieboy33311d ago (Edited 11d ago )

@ Crimson "I miss the good ol’ days when nobody made a stink about any of this" Yeah, it all started to go downhill in this world when they gave the mental patients a voice and people ( just as mental ) actually took note of there opinions.

Might as well ask a serial killer what he thinks about human rights. Or ask a cannibal his stance on veganism. Yet here we are......literally having to deal with the warped and hypocritical
opinions of a small group of crazies with the sane people worried they will offend them ( not me, they can all fuck off ).

Rols11d ago

Stop being a whiny little SJW b@#ch!

VariantAEC10d ago

Waifus? This is a Korean game. Also the demo was good.

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clevernickname11d ago

Delayed keyboard and mouse input on the dev's workstations.

GoodGuy0912d ago

Ouch, for a game where it's high action and timing is key.

BLow11d ago

How was the demo? Did you play it?

Pyrofire9511d ago

It's pretty cool. The way the game teaches you new abilities is spaced out nicely so it's not all thrown at you at once and meanwhile you're getting all this cool setup for the story and setting. I do notice how long it takes for an attack to start after you hit the button and hope that's fixed. Movement does feel a little stiff and that might be because of the delay as well. Aside from that it looks like it'll be a fun game and a bit more of a Souls-like than I thought it'd be but I like those so that's fine by me.

ravens5211d ago

I had zero problems with the demo on my portal. She doesn't cancel out of a move to block and it takes a sec to get into blocking stance. I thought thats the way it was designed but maybe not.

VariantAEC10d ago

I didn't feel any lag. I did feel like High-Fi Rush was lagging but only when the circle appeared on screen and then it became obvious that something wasn't right. Level 2 has a on rails segment that requires pressing "X" at a specific time so Chai pulls up away from a red crate... no matter what the "X" button did not do anything at that specific point. I just had to dodge every other crate and get hit by all the red crates. Of course you can not adjust the latency in the options menu except from the title menu... go figure. I was about to readjust it before I managed to avoid all the non-red crates. Plenty of other segments where the circles appear and when they overlap my input registers just fine. I didn't notice any latency issues with the Stellar Blade Demo.

Barlos12d ago

Didn't notice any lag at all in the demo

Babadook712d ago (Edited 12d ago )

Me neither. I was pretty impressed with the gameplay. But if it is there and gets fixed that would be even better.

shammgod12d ago

There was no lag. This is all a response from Sweet baby to get people angry at the game for having good looking characters in it

dumahim12d ago

Yeah, even with HDR and visual mode, it seemed fine. Maybe the timing window gets smaller later in the game or something. What I played seemed plenty of time to react for me, even without game mode on.

CobraKai11d ago

I had no clue either. I’m not playing on game mode on my TV and didn’t notice

Einhander197212d ago

"Stellar Blade Suffers From High Input Lag"

This is factually untrue, the developer was telling them exactly what the problem was which was the setting on their TV presumably.

Anyone can play the demo themselves and see that this is not true.

12d ago
bloop12d ago

I have an LG CX with game mode turned on and noticed considerable lag. It took me about half an hour of playing to adjust to it. I wouldn't say it's game breaking, but it should be a lot better and hopefully they can get that response time down with a few patches.

bloop12d ago

Eh......... Sure Einhander 🤨🤷🏼‍♂️ What a bizarre response. I'm not really sure how that correlates to what I said there, but anyway. I died once on my playthrough fighting the boss on top of the parking lot, and for the record, I thought the demo was fantastic and I hope it does great numbers sales wise. I did experience noticeable input lag though, which I'm sure the devs could improve on, but you just go ahead and stick your fingers in your ears there 🤨

Huey_My_D_Long12d ago

I would just ignore children like Einhander. Unfortunately responses like his are just way too common nowadays

Babadook711d ago (Edited 11d ago )

I played the demo again just to test for myself. I have a C9 with game mode on and filmed the response time in slow mo. The claim in the article seems legit actually; I saw from 10 to 16 extra frames before a reaction to the attack button. I didn't notice it before hand, and it's not a big deal to me.

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porkChop12d ago

The demo is an older build though. Just because the demo doesn't have input lag doesn't mean the final game doesn't either.

Einhander197212d ago

We're all playing the same demo, including the person who made the video...

Seriously what a ridiculous statement.

You're so determined to damage the sales of the game you imply that somehow an issue that doesn't exist in the demo is going to exist in the final product.. and you say it seriously...

I can't even believe the amount of misinformation that is constantly being spread, like here we have a developer saying it isn't true, Yet here you are essentially calling the developer a liar based on one no name persons claim on youtube. People have been playing the demo and no one was talking about this problem before the media started spreading this fake story, and anyone can play the demo themselves and see it's not true.

porkChop12d ago

I'm not trying to damage anything, calm the fuck down. I thought the actual game was out already because everyone has been talking about it. You're so determined to defend some game from randos on the internet that you'll go on some dumb tirade. It's not that serious. Go outside and breath some fresh air ffs.