Warhammer: Battle March - Classic Warhammer RTS Still Shines Brightly

Warhammer: Battle March launched back in 2008, and offered an interesting take on console RTS after a successful PC release.


Cyber Monday: Gaming and Computer Deals

For those holiday shoppers who decided for whatever reason not to join in on (or for those looking to supplement the) madness that was Black Friday, retailers kick off Cyber Monday. Cyber monday, for folks who are unaware, is the online variation of Black Friday where holiday shoppers can find some rather good deals and mouse-buster deals on sites like Amazon.com, Newegg.com, and others.

joydestroy5255d ago (Edited 5255d ago )

wal-mart has a PS3 bundle very similar to the one they had on black friday.

PS3 + inFamous + Batman Arkham Asylum + Dark Knight blu-ray + 2nd DS3 controller + blu-ray remote for just $369.99. pretty decent deal imo.


lordkemp0075255d ago

Quick folks take advantage of these offers for xbox 360. Get them while their hot.

The only problem is -- They stay hot then explode.

Some offers include RROD, E74 errors and disc scratching as dlc all at no extra cost.

Synex5255d ago

I'm still waiting on Amazon to drop demon's souls down to $39.99

joydestroy5255d ago

yup, i would like to pick that up as well :)

5255d ago

Warhammer 40k: Space Marine first gameplay trailer

Finally, the Warhammer series are going into the action genre. Only today, the company Relic officially confirmed the new action RPG game - Warhammer 40 000: Space Marine, and released the first gameplay trailer. The game will be played in a third person, and will feature a style of gameplay that will be something similar to Gears of War and God of War mixture.

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Hildor_muthafo5441d ago

EVER... I was blown away a few months back when the first trailer leaked. Thank god this got picked up. Can't wait to see more on it. If there's 4 player co-op... oh man, one can only hope.

Myst5441d ago

Oh if it does have four player co-op you can count me in for a purchase as well.

Myst5441d ago (Edited 5441d ago )

"Finally, the Warhammer series {is} to put into the action genre. today, the company officially adopted the Relic of the new action RPG game - Warhammer 40 000: Space Marine, and while the first game Trailers. The game will be played a third person, and style of gameplay will be something like Gears of War and God of War mixture. The hero becomes a powerful space-qualified Infantry (Space Marine) and his team will have to recapture Orcus occupied the planet. Since this {is an} action RPG, the hero and his weapons will be able to continuously improve. Relic is also working on a great online mode and the ability to go {Through} the whole game {in a} co-op mode with friends via Xbox Live or PlayStation Network. Well, this first game trailer looks really impressive. Impressive effects besides excess blood Clan, Horde enemies, the destruction of the environment, excellent atnimacija (I guess this means animation?) - everything seems even too good to be true. Let us hope that during E3 we will find more from this project."

Cleaned up some of the rough translation and put in a few words as to what I thought they might have meant.


The Twelve Games of Christmas (Part IX)

Today, 2nd January 2009, is the ninth day of Christmas. It may seem like Christmas is all but over-and-done with now, but Electronic Theatre are staying true to tradition and heading-on through those infamous twelve days! On this ninth day, The Twelve Games of Christmas enters its ninth edition, and today we run through the top-performing disc-based releases of September 2008. Hold onto your hats, it's going to be bumpy from here-on out!

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