Preview: Stellar Blade Is a Stealth Soulslike with Strong Potential - Siliconera

Stellar Blade is a stealth Soulslike with limited combat options in the demo that feel promising ahead of the full release.

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blackblades61d ago

Didn't feel stealth, just a couple stabs in the back like the rest

ravens5259d ago

Ye not stealthy lol. You don't crouch n hide behind cover or in tall grass or nothing. You can kill from above and behind but it's not stealthy

Friendlygamer59d ago

I think they meant the game is 'low key' a soulslike combat wise

Babadook759d ago


"Preview: Stellar Blade Is a 'Low Key' Soulslike with Strong Potential - Siliconera"


I finally checked out the demo today. It’s not bad. Definitely will punish button mashers. I’m not sure why they are comparing it to a souls like. There’s no meter for stamina.

blackblades59d ago

Souls like no souls lite yes there is a different. Souls lite which makes it have souls like elements, resting with enemies respawning is one of them there are a few more there.

Aaroncls759d ago

everything is soulslike if all you know are soulsikes

jukins59d ago

People read "soulslike" as "exactly like souls" and thats a them problem. To me read it as not button masher friendly. Faster paced than souls but as far as slashing its definitely soulslike in thebfact that you have to be aware of you surroundings and enemy attack patterns and potential

Pyrofire9558d ago

I wonder how little Souls mechanics you can put into a game and a journalist will call it a souls-like. It's fair for Stellar Blade but I wonder.
For SB there is checkpoints that restore your healing flask and reset enemies. Combat involves blocking, parrying, and dodging. Honestly it seems like you just need that which doesn't sound like much to start with.
The more meta element I suppose would be the game pushes you to master it's mechanics but difficulty is and always has been a nebulous thing to quantify.


Stellar Blade Tops Circana April Charts

The latest US sales data is out, and while hardware may be down for the big 3, software is ruling the day, including Stellar Blade topping the charts

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helicoptergirl16h ago

Must be weird for Xbox fans to see Sea Of Thieves at number 4 on the NPD charts

CrimsonWing692h ago

Well, would you look at that Sony! Guess there’s an audience after all for this stuff.

JEECE1h ago

I wonder where the change from "NPD" to "Circana" ranks on the chart of lamest rebrands? And yes I know it changed awhile ago it just annoys me every time I see it.


Stellar Blade developer interview with spoilers

Famitsu: "About a month has passed since the release of Stellar Blade It is said that an update including a new mode will be implemented on May 24, 2024, so we interviewed Director Kim Hyung-tae and Technical Director Lee Dong-gi again. We asked him about the future prospects for this work."

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Stellar Blade Added As Reward For PlayStation Stars Members

Sony Interactive Entertainment and Shift Up's Stellar Blade has now been added as a reward for PlayStation Stars members.

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Hugodastrevas3d ago

No thank you, I prefer to own my games physically whenever possible.

FyBy1d 8h ago

So getting digital licence for free or "nothing" is always "nothing" for you? Generaly I understand, that people prefer physical copies. But if someone gives something for free, I dont get it. You dont have internet? :-)

monkey6022d ago

These never seem to justify the rewards. You'd be better off earning the stars and redeeming them for the store credit. Then using that store credit towards the game like Stellar Blade. You would get further with your points that way and spend less of them

2d ago
VersusDMC1d 23h ago

When i did the calculations for helldivers 2 you saved 10 dollars plus the tax you would have to pay compared to buying it with store credit.

Problem is games aren't on Stars on launch and when it goes to stars it is close to having a sale.

anast2d ago

I heard the physics on this game are top tier.