Suicide Squad Season 1 Barely Adds Any New Content Besides Joker, Here's How To Unlock Him

Season 1 of Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League has begun, though it barely comes with any new content besides the addition of Joker.

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just_looken59d ago

This will be 2024's Babylon’s Fall that team was yelling more content soon even as the power cord was being pulled. It crazy how square sold dlc but it was never tossed out 0 issues there.

ZeekQuattro60d ago

It still boggles my mind that so many studios are insistent on these live service games but struggle to support them for more than a few months.

-Foxtrot59d ago

People see these titans fall, especially Rocksteady with a great track record with the iconic Arkham Batman games and STILL go

“Yeah. Let’s go Live Service, we won’t end up like them”

CobraKai59d ago

I honestly feel WBs new trajectory for their gaming division Is a huge reason why Rocksteady made this failure.

blackblades59d ago

Right, Helldiver 2 been getting content left and right. These studios need a wake up call. I blame WB i bet they had something to do with it.

just_looken59d ago

They did rocksteady had plans for a batman beyond game superman game even wanted to to there own justice league.

Back in 2008 when the arkham verse began they had the talent behind the 90's/early 2k animated shows over time wb fired that team today very very few remain. That is why kevin/mark lent there voices because it was a relationship with rocksteady kind of a btas 2.0 revision deal

All the ideas were scrapped with hints of a unannounced big project then of course 2-3 years ago we got that trailer at e3.

DarXyde59d ago

I mean I get why the idea is appealing: You build a game universe and your responsibility from here is not to keep making new games, but to produce new content for a game you've already made. Far less demanding and is much better for cost efficiency.

You are right to say that they struggle to support them for more than a few months, but I think this game and those like it getting (rightfully) panned out of the gate is also affecting even the developers' interest (or perhaps budget) to make more content for it.The fact that they're pulling out Joker for Season 1 is not a good sign at all. Adding him with little other content really seems like a Hail Mary. It would be like if Smash Ultimate was doing poorly and the first new guest character was Sephiroth.

The other challenge of these types of games is timely season releases. If you want to keep people's attention, new compelling content needs to be on time. That's likely to result in crunch and misery (and ultimately a worse product).

The best chance a Live Service game has, in my opinion, is easing up on the budget and team size (AA, at most) and making a great gameplay loop on day 1. Helldivers II did exactly that and the game was the breakout hit of February. Don't break the bank, test the waters, and if you've got a great product, keep supporting it. As long as you reel in the budget, there is far less need for aggressive monetization throughout the life of the product, too.

Cacabunga60d ago

The worst looking joker i have ever seen

Dandalandan11760d ago

I didn't think I would see a worst looking joker than Jared Leto's

Knightofelemia59d ago

Honestly the Joker looks like something out of Fortnite and also looks like he pitches left field.

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Here's A First Look At Mr Freeze In Suicide Squad: Kill The Justice League

An image featuring a first look at the character of Mr Freeze in Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League has emerged online.

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Psychonaut853d ago

I’m sure the 42 people still playing are super stoked for this. Better take the day off so you can grind for 4 hours just to use the character. Let me guess, he’s got his own Elseworld and there’s fucking icicles everywhere. /s

SoloGamer15h ago

can they just FREEZE this game?? 🙄


Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League is Probably Finished

Disappointing sales performance, mixed reviews, and player counts in the hundreds paint a grim future for the looter shooter.

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Phoenix766d ago

The game was DOA before it even released.

Juancho515d ago

Im surprised it lasted this long.


Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League Players Lose Hope For Season 2 After Update

The remaining few players of Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League are losing hope for the game’s future after a disappointing update for Episode 2.

P_Bomb8d ago

“…significant issues like the extensive amount of time needed to unlock Joker as a playable character were ignored.”

Which in turn makes the game easier to ignore. Not a great season.

SoloGamer18d ago

all 150 players lose hope 😂

Redgrave8d ago

Who still held hope after release?