Stellar Blade | New Gameplay Today

Get an early look at the Stellar Blade demo before it releases on March 29.

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Cacabunga54d ago (Edited 54d ago )

Really looks sweet .. faces and hair very detailed

purple10154d ago

Quick tip turn up brightness / backlight on phone /laptop / tablet whatever
Twice I seen gameplay twice it’s looking dim at the usual half brightness I use normally

ROCKY2854d ago

just DL'd the demo and excited to play !


Stellar Blade 2 is on the cards, and I have a big wishlist for ShiftUp

ShiftUp has confirmed it’s exploring a possible Stellar Blade sequel, so here’s my two cents on what I’d love to see improved and added in Stellar Blade 2.

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chasem09274h ago

Please!!! Something about this game has really caught my attention. It’s haunting and atmospheric. Actually becoming on of my favorite games.

Hugodastrevas3h ago

I just want more ! (And no censorship thank you)


Stellar Blade Studio's Next Game Reportedly AAA Action RPG Titled Project Witches

Shift Up is reportedly considering a Stellar Blade sequel and PC port while also working on a new AAA action RPG called Project Witches.


Stellar Blade DLC and IP Collaborations in Development

Shift Up revealed there's about 98 people working on Stellar Blade. The studio confirmed they are working on DLC and IP collaborations for the game as well as a PC port and potentially even a sequel.

Hugodastrevas1d 10h ago

About to plat the game, bring more stuff!

Elda1d 9h ago (Edited 1d 9h ago )

Loving Stellar Blade! I just started a new game +, can't wait for the boss rush mode & other updates including dlc.