Sega Workers Ratify Union Contract, First at a Major Gaming Company

Workers at Sega of America, a division of Sega Sammy Holdings Inc., have became the first employees at a major North American video-game company to ratify a union contract, a move that may accelerate a burgeoning labor movement in an industry known for widespread instability among its work force.

The contract, ratified Tuesday, covers around 150 people across marketing and other departments at the division’s offices in Southern California. Workers will receive minimum yearly pay increases of 4% in 2024, 3% in 2025 and 2.5% in 2026 as well as a number of other benefits, Catalina Brennan-Gatica, a representative for the Communications Workers of America, said in an interview.

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thorstein52d ago

Amazing. This is where it starts. Unionize.

S2Killinit52d ago

Yes agreed. But also prepare to pay more for games.

just_looken51d ago

ha true today's companies need billions to keep the lights on if they make a few million they act like there homeless.

XiNatsuDragnel52d ago

Unionize arc begins I'm excited for this fr

phoenixwing52d ago

Worst thing that will happen is it will have a lower stock price and ceos won't get extra millions they don't really need. Other than that the company will continue on and ppl will be treated better.

ROCKY2852d ago

This is AWESOME - Sega seems to be progressive in their new ways - big props to Sega !!!


Call Of Duty On Game Pass Is A Big Risk Big Reward Gamble

Discover the impact of Microsoft's decision to include Call Of Duty in Game Pass. Explore the pros and cons and speculate about future changes.

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Elda3h ago

Most folks that have a Gamepass subscription will not spend the $70, they will use Gamepass instead to play COD. MS will most likely make their money from some solely PC players & some solely PS5 owners. Even some PC players may opt to use Gamepass instead of spending $70. I would think MS would want to make every dime they could from retail sales. As long as they put new releases of COD day one on Gamepass, MS will lose out on some sales of COD.

porkChop1h ago

COD makes truck loads of money on microtransactions. That's likely the play. Get more people in the door through Game Pass and sell more microtransactions. Have a steady stream of events to keep people interested so they keep their sub, and then just the sub alone would double the revenue from that player each year.

Kakashi Hatake1h ago(Edited 1h ago)

Most that don't have Gamepass will just buy the game and he done with it. People that do will just result in a retail sale being lost. Some will buy the subscription for the month then be done. This is lose lose. Casuals aren't going to pay almost 300 dollars a year for COD.


Ghost of Tsushima PC has 84% positive reviews and a peak online audience of 72 thousand people

On 16 May, the long-awaited release of the PC version of Ghost of Tsushima took place. And the game proved to be a great success on the first day.

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PrinceOfAnger1d 9h ago

all-time peak 3 minutes ago.

thorstein1d 9h ago

Nice. It's really cool that PC players get to play this masterpiece.

PrinceOfAnger1d 9h ago

It has surpassed spider man now
it's 71k+
game did this with way shorter time than spider man.

itsmebryan11h ago(Edited 11h ago)

I'm confused. Does that number mean total players at one time playing like a snapshot
or total sales? If it's the former that's not very accurate because I know I'm not the only person that buys games and plays them later and that number is not included.

RNTody1d 7h ago

Great, I loved this game. Definitely think it's Sucker Punch's best work to date!

rippermcrip1d 7h ago

Is this going to be the new thing thing? Articles about Steam reviews? Which of course was in response to the false article about the review bombings in the first place.

Christopher1d 4h ago

Hey, just a heads up that the new owners did open news to Steam updates, but we try our best to not allow them to go on daily updates unless relevant to some other news. I understand this isn't everyone's cup and tea and sympathize, but the door has been open. If you feel it's 'too much' please do PM me or submit a ticket to the mod team. Thank you.

22h ago
shinoff218320h ago

I came here to post this link in that specific article. 84 perce t is pretty good. How many bad reviews were there like 5

GamerzElite1d 7h ago

This is good game and Ghost eliminate all fake outrage.

CrimsonWing691d 5h ago (Edited 1d 5h ago )

I always get confused by this, but is 72k good sales numbers for a game? I keep seeing games fail at selling 2.5 million and that they need to be on multiple platforms but is an additional 72k adding much?

Fishy Fingers1d 5h ago

Im not sure how its confusing :\

72k actively playing. Not 72k sold.

A good example is Helldivers 2, 6m sold, 450k (at its peak) active players.

But how many swords swung is what we're all really waiting for.

shinoff218320h ago

Lmao. How many swords swung. I was hoping for how many steps

wesnytsfs9h ago

And its how many years old from initial release.

Crows901d 5h ago

72k is concurrent
...that is not the sold figure.

Michiel19891d 4h ago

for one they already had a huge launch on the playstation, they don't need to sell 5m to make the porting to pc profitable and as pointed out below that number you see is just the people playing it at this moment.