Report: XDefiant Season 1 to 4 Factions and Battle Pass Leak Out

The XDefiant Season 1 to 4 Factions have leaked alongside Battle Pass info. It also mentions Rainbow Six Siege being available for Season 1.

_SilverHawk_57d ago

I can't wait to play this on release


Three Versions of XDefiant's Founder's Pack Launched by Ubisoft, Attachments Explained in New Video

Ubisoft has launched three versions of the XDefiant's Founder's Pack today, alongside a new video showcasing weapon attachments.


Fans claim Black Ops 6 teaser was released to rival XDefiant hype

Activision's latest Black Ops 6 teaser was dropped just a day after the release of XDefiant. Coincidence? Some people think not.

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Goodguy011d ago

Not a bad game. I... cannot stand hero/ability shooters so I probably won't play it much. But man do I love their stand on no sbmm. Could have a potentially good future.


XDefiant Best Settings: Gameplay, Controller, and UI Settings Detailed

To be the best you can be, we've prepared a guide on the best settings for XDefiant covering everything from controller inputs to graphics!