Dune: Awakening Is Looking Supremely Cool – As It Was Written - IGN

IGN : Whether it was the impressively detailed character creation options, the intricate RPG systems filled with skill trees and craftables, or the absolute insanity of trying to outrun a Shai-Hulud or escape a massive sandstorm, Dune: Awakening appears to be on track to become the sci-fi survival game we’ve always dreamt of, and we cannot wait to get our hands on it.

Golfcoachh85d ago

So does this have a single player element, or do I have to play with a bunch of trash talking teens?

jznrpg85d ago

It’s an MMO where you fight for power so it seems you need to team up with others to form a guild to compete against other guilds for control of spice , land etc

Aussiesummer85d ago

Graphically it looks pretty gorgeous.


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repsahj50d ago

Ok.....Looks interesting. Gonna wait for gameplay videos.

TwoPicklesGood50d ago

Looks generic to me going by the pics. If not for the Dune name, this would be doa, still might be. I’d like to be surprised though.

gold_drake50d ago

god ,i hope its not as boring as the first movie.