Judas: Gameplay Overview of BioShock Creator's Next Game

IGN : If you haven't already watched our 75-minute, in-depth interview with Judas director Ken Levine about Judas and how its "narrative LEGO" idea builds off of what he did with BioShock and BioShock Infinite, be sure to check that out for additional context. But here you can get a look at all of the new gameplay that developer Ghost Story Games sent us to accompany the interview. Enjoy!

spicelicka62d ago

Hyped for this! Really hope it lives up to the Bioshock games.

repsahj62d ago

Wow the graphics looks solid! It's like a not very friendly Toy Story game. XD


Ken Levine's Judas Promises Bioshock-Like Experience With Player-Driven, Open-Ended Gameplay

Ken Levine's upcoming first-person shooter, Judas, promises a Bioshock-like experience, with player-driven and open-ended gameplay.

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anast1d 13h ago

This might be something.

Yui_Suzumiya1d 9h ago

I'm extremely excited about this. Been waiting a decade for this to finally come to fruition.

toxic-inferno20h ago

This game makes me wonder what Bioshock Infinite would have been like if it released today. There was clearly so much unrealised ambition in that game, and it would be fascinating to see what Ken Levine would do with it these days.

Still, very excited for Judas.

fsfsxii20h ago

How many times did he cancel it tho

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Judas First Details: How Ken Levine Is Building on BioShock With 'Narrative LEGOs'

IGN: "We spent six hours playing a recent build of Judas, the next game from BioShock creator Ken Levine, followed by a lengthy conversation with the renowned game designer to discuss the long wait since BioShock Infinite, bringing the "narrative LEGOs" concept to life in Judas, what the game is all about, and much more."

RaidenBlack64d ago (Edited 64d ago )

YT video : https://youtu.be/aIqmnoo8Ui...
with new gameplay segments

Psychonaut8564d ago

I’m tentatively hopeful for this. Love Bioshock. As far as the narrative Legos we shall have to wait and see. The early trailer for Infinite showed off a lot of stuff that didn’t make it into the finished product, and Levine is notoriously difficult to work for, so if this narrative stuff makes it into the came will be curious to see how impactful it is. I’d be fine with something more in the vein of the first Bioshock. Not much like that now, especially since Arkane’s fall from grace.

Psychonaut8564d ago

I didn’t realize Levine’s new studio was under 2K Games just like Irrational was. What was the point quitting Irrational and then 2K dissolving the studio only for him to open up a smaller studio still under 2K? Why not just downsize Irrational, keep operations going and have the brand recognition. Cuz it’s not like Judas is a departure from his normal style. Must be a story there

RaidenBlack64d ago

Cloud Chamber, under 2K, is the new studio developing the next Bioshock (4?) game.

toxic-inferno63d ago

I imagine he had a negative experience building Bioshock Infinite, due to the pressure on the team. As you pointed out in your other comment, lots from that game was cut out or changed before release. I suspect he wanted the opportunity to step back and create a game in a timescale that allowed him to deliver the product he wanted.

Irrational may have also been locked into certain contracts under 2K, and opening a new studio may have allowed him to negotiate new terms.


Judas Will Let You Affect The Story In Ways You Haven’t Experienced Before, Says Director

Judas creative director Ken Levine has unveiled that the title will let you change the story in ways players haven’t experienced before.

gold_drake113d ago

i believe it when i sees it.

we've heard that from alot of other devs before ha

Murdability113d ago

Hard to believe this statement when Baldurs Gate is a thing

Yui_Suzumiya112d ago

If it's Ken Levine then I trust it