Moore wants Ridley Scott for Halo movie

Microsoft's Peter Moore has revealed that his favourite Director for the Halo movie is Ridley Scott, the man behind Blade Runner, Alien, Black Hawk Down and Gladiator to name a few

Moore said: "I love Ridley Scott. I think of him with Aliens and Gladiator and if he could do it like second Aliens, that sense of horror and action, that's one of my favourite movies of all time.

However Moore is not the one who will pick the director for the Halo.

"It's not our call. We created the intellectual property which was the screen play as the basis and once you hand it over to the studio they become in control.

"We have a lot of creative control but it's their movie."

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Guttersnype6196d ago

Hope someone notifies him James Cameron directed Aliens. Ridely Scott's still a good choice if they could get him.


he meant Aliens, not Alien.

Aliens is the sequel, by Cameron.

Alien is the first one, by Scott.

Scott is scary and skilled, Cameron is exciting and spectacular.

BlackCountryBob6196d ago

Maybe James Cameron would make the Halo movie like Titanic! It would be a timeless story, Master chief(a 7 foot cyborg soldier, probably played by some Hollywood type like Ben Affleck) manages to get on board the maiden voyage of the pillar of autumn where he meets Cortana, a rich sophisticated computer and they fall in love but Cortanas master, Captain Keyes disproves of there love but when the ship collides with an alien weapon (the halo) the two star crossed lovers are forced to try and escape the ship before the reactors go critical and the halo destroyed!!! In my head, that was all a joke but after seeing most of the video game movies it still sounds more loyal to the source material than Doom was.

FreeMonk6196d ago

Quentin Taranto! Saying it all. What a movie that would be!

Ridley Scott...nah, to slow and boring. Tony Scott would be cool.

As long as it's not McG, Wes Anderson or Uwe Boll, I'll be happy!

Maybe a fresh faced director to do it!

Cyclonus6196d ago

You know he made 'Domino', right? IMA BOUNTY HUNTAH!, hehe.

He's the British Michael Bay

Too bad Cameron's busy with his Project 880/Avatar thing, and his 3D film obssession; I just wish he'd do Terminator 4....


Ridley Scott would be fu(king PERFECT!

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