Resident Evil creator Shinji Mikami has established a new company

Veteran video game developer Shinji Mikami has established a new company.

That’s according to a bio of the developer on the new Shadows of the Damned Hella Remastered website, which claims that Mikami has recently founded ‘Kamuy Inc’.

No details further details on the company have been shared. There is also no indication of what the company will do.

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Dabigsiebowski91d ago

Shinji should never stop making games. Kinda crazy he left the funding of M$ though.

ApocalypseShadow91d ago

It's the enjoyment of independence since leaving Capcom that he probably likes. Your company, your rules.

Also, I don't think it's Microsoft's money that would have kept him around. The problem is their culture. We've seen more than once where individuals or teams wanted to leave Microsoft because of how they run things.

I don't think I've ever seen a developer at Nintendo or Sony that bought themselves out from being controlled. But we've seen it at Microsoft. Should be interesting what he decides to do next.

Chocoburger91d ago

I remember when it was announced that he was leaving Tango, someone on N4G claimed that he was old and it was time for him to retire.

I couldn't help but laugh at the ignorance. Mikami (like most Japanese people), do not want to work for Microsoft, they want their games to be played by their fellow citizens, which means Switch, Playstation, and PC. But this fool couldn't comprehend that. 🤣

Was waiting for his return announcement, glad to see that he's back! Please don't make mobile games.

-Foxtrot91d ago

I hope it's still survival horror

They should build on what they did with Evil Within for a new IP and take notes from the Evil Within sequel with those open hub areas.

Wouldn't mind if it was like Resident Evil but with a vampire virus instead.

potatoseal91d ago

Yeah this man's skills need a new start to thrive. Hope he keeps doing what he loves. Wonder what his next project is.


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