EDGE #396 review scores

The latest EDGE review scores for issue #396 (May 2024 issue) include Final Fantasy VII Rebirth, Unicorn Overlord and more.

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Hofstaderman54d ago

Even Edge gave FF7 Rebirth a 9. My GOTY came early this year. And my game of the generation.

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Tapani54d ago (Edited 54d ago )

Isn't Rebirth full of side quests that have nothing to do with the main quest or are mostly fillers and just markers on the map and kill x of this and get x gil? I can't do that busy work in games, it kills the fun, and I need to use my time much better in life.

The original had zero filler content, and was extremely well paced and still had open-world elements from the get go, no need to pay twice or thrice for it. I thought the original was superior to the Remake in every single way, hated the battle system and the general atmosphere. The mystery and weirdness and all the charm was just gone from the Remake.

1nsomniac54d ago

Yea all modern day FF’s are ruined by what seems like the intention to build a small game around a mass of boring filler content.

MrNinosan54d ago

Just like most games, the sidequest is an expansion of the story, the world and the chatacters and also deepen the lore of the Final Fantasy VII Saga.

Also like in most games, sidequests are totally optional.

My intention when I started the game was to get through the main story first, and if I liked it enough, get deeper in to side content.

However, all the sidequests was very interesting and award giving, so I ended up playing the game for 115 hours before reaching the end credits, and another 100 hours for the almost Platinim (still have 3 VR Missions to get through).

So after 215h with Rebirth, I haven't had a boring minute of the game, while at the same time getting to know so much more about the lore I already put extreme amount of time with through all the 7 games, movies, novellas and tv-shows.

If nothing will come out of nowhere, Rebirth will easily be my GOTY, even thou DD2 and Infinite Wealth also has been amazing experiences.

Sunny1234554d ago

@Tapani. Hmmm. I have completed the game and there no such markers on map of "kill x of this and get xgill" the side quests are meaningful, the mini games are interesting, queensblood gets hard where 1 match can take upto 20-30 minutes. It's all challenging and amazing. If you only wana rush through story that option is also available. Its my goty for sure.

dmonee54d ago

There are alot of side excursions, none really being necessary. There are a few moments in the game that force your hand into some of the silly minigames. Other then that, this is probably, in my opinion, the best final fantasy since, its original FF7. The game is sensory overload, unique, and very ambitious for what it is

nommers54d ago

Here's a thought: You can SKIP all of those and just focus on the main quest.

andy8554d ago (Edited 54d ago )

Open world elements from the get go? I must be remembering different. It was pretty linear until half way through the game. When you did get to the world map there was generally only one place to go until half way through when you got the Tiny bronco. It depends what you classify as filler content. The original still had plenty of optional things to do besides the main story. Personally I'm loving all the side content in rebirth. Most are crafted very well, especially the in depth minigames

Rebel_Scum54d ago

Yeah it does have a lot of busy work side quests but the difference between previous FF’s is that a bit more effort has been put into them like new mini games as part of the quest for example.

At various times I have gotten burnt out from though and other times merrily smashed through them.

KwietStorm_BLM54d ago

I will never in my life understand people who complain about optional side quests. And the reason the original didn't have what you call filler content is because the whole game is not a real open world as we know them today. The map only existed as a means to express the fact that you are in a larger world. But in reality, as classic as the game is, you don't actually do anything on the map between locations. But you said yourself you think the original is "superior in every single way", so of course you're gonna look at it this way.

fr0sty54d ago

I can't help but find it funny how you criticize the game for not being linear, and having a bunch of side quests, and then you praise the original for being open world, which is the exact same thing...

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MrNinosan54d ago

Easily GOTY for me, and probably one of the best games I've ever played.

purple10154d ago

Ps5 pro awaits me on this game
It is supposed to be one of the best ever made after all
I can wait

gold_drake54d ago

i know its popular to hate on ff7, but rebirth is definitely the best game we have had in a long while. sure we had ithers that were great but god damn is rebirth amazing

Tapani53d ago

I don't hate it. I just didn't like the Remake, and think the original was great. They changed it too much, and the story went to really silly places. It is very Kingdom Hearts like, convoluted, not focused and pacing was horrible. Side quests were also not interesting.

I absolutely loved FF games until XII (with the exception of XI) and XIV is super good as well. FFT is possibly my favourite, because the story was just so good and optional content great. Just can't deal with the hack n slash stuff and really limited RPG stuff. FF was the best when it was as close to turn-base as possible, and FFXII was the only good non-turn based system, altho it was pretty much ATB but just without the separate battle scene.

Just my humble opinion, and am very open to seeing what FFXVI is like when it releases on PC.

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RhinoGamer8854d ago

Skull and Bones – 5
Foamstars – 3

Publishing producers from those companies should be fired. Play Foamstars for 5 minutes, complete turd.

coolbeans54d ago

It's especially weird for Foamstars too, given some of the glowing previews.

VincentVanBro54d ago

Unicorn Overlord is a 9, which is deserved. Its a great game.

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FFVII Rebirth Continues To Chart In Best Sellers, Helldivers 2 Stays Above COD: MW3 In YTD Revenue

Final Fantasy VII Rebirth continues to chart among NPD best sellers, while Helldivers 2 stays above COD: MW3 in Year-to-Date sales revenue.

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franwex16d ago

I want zero complaints if the next COD is trash as you all bought it.

Hugodastrevas15d ago

Just checking-in to say I'm not part of "you all". Don't know who keeps buying that slop.

Zeref15d ago

The people that buy CoD aren't on this website.

PapaBop15d ago

Yeah COD is more of a causal game, loads of people who aren't necessarily huge day one gamers buy it as their friends buy it and even if I haven't bought one in years, it is a game that's much more fun with groups of friends.

Cacabunga16d ago (Edited 16d ago )

Good to see ff7 performing 🏆
HD2 smashing records! I hope it motivates other studios to bring on some decent similar games.
Also miss some good FPS

shinoff218316d ago

No. We don't need more of these

shinoff218315d ago (Edited 15d ago )

Two comments saying the sane thing. Mines down voted more lol

truth is we don't need more hd2 games

Barlos15d ago

I'd rather not see more HD2 games thanks. We want less live service games, not more.