"Souls-Lite RPG" Flintlock: The Siege of Dawn Shows Combat Ahead of Next Week's Gameplay Reveal

Today A44 Games released a new trailer of its upcoming "Souls-Lite RPG" Flintlock: The Siege of Dawn focusing on combat.

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blackblades62d ago

Looks good IMO, lite as in its not fully a souls but has the elements of a souls while being a action rpg.

mariopasta62d ago (Edited 62d ago )

Sweet Baby Inc were heavily involved in this and contributed to the story. Make of that what you will. Look it up

melons62d ago

Why don't you look it up? They were involved early on but their involvement has been scrubbed.

mariopasta62d ago (Edited 62d ago )

No. They "said" it was scrubbed. I don't believe them. The story would have already been finalized a long long time ago in development. This game has been finished well before this Sweet Baby stuff ever came about. They are trying to save face because they have a game coming out this year. Well too bad. People need to know, and then they can make their own personal judgement on this game. The more informed a buyer, the better it is. I'm sure glad to know this information. I mean, they helped in the development of this game. Why would you want this a secret?

AdonisIsBeast62d ago

Main protagonist is all you need to see

mariopasta62d ago

@ Adonis, what she looks like doesn't matter at all. But I bet the dialogue and certain story elements will matter. Sweet Baby Inc's involvement has me extremely cautious though

MestreRothN4G62d ago

Yeah, watch out for the boogie man

Psychonaut8562d ago

Oh my god who fu$&ing cares. I find “forced” inclusivity as eye roll inducing as the next person, but you guys nonstop whining about it has become 3x more annoying at this point.

mariopasta62d ago

Weird. I don't seem to recall whining about "forced inclusivitiy" as you put it. In fact, I don't recall whining at all. Seems you need to calm down and stop making shit up.

Aaroncls762d ago

oh my, such strong feelings.
Are you ok?

Psychonaut8562d ago

The whole conversation around SB Inc is about them being 3rd party consultants to make sure games are diverse and inclusive. If you look at the games they’ve been involved in, some are trash, some are amazing. What’s getting old is every comment section is full of people warning people about it. Obviously it’s a big deal to some people, that’s your prerogative. I can’t stand “woke” stuff being forced into media myself, but honestly everyone constantly complaining about it has become even more annoying. To me at least. It’s not just two sided. Just cuz I don’t care about SB Inc. doesn’t mean I’m advocating for the “woke agenda”. Just wanna play games man. If it’s good it’s good. If it sucks I won’t play it.

ravens5262d ago

@mariopasta. It is very well the way she looks to a lot of people here. The people who scream woke because it's a black main character. No one has played the game or even heard any dialogue. What can u judge it on besides the character right now?

ravens5261d ago

Look at my comment and AdonisIsBeast comment. Need I say more. Some people would call it racist but 🤷🏽.

Psychonaut8560d ago

Yeah. Aside from the fact SBI was involved, it seems the only real change was changing the protagonist to being black. And that decision wasn’t SBI it was the COO. Who is kind of a trash fire in their own right to be fair. But everyone who’s like “they ruined the game”, I’m not seeing actual evidence of that at the moment. Maybe they did, time will tell. But if you think changing a protagonist from white to black is some huge problem, I’m gunna say the problem is you. I don’t care if I play as a fucking potato, it’s either well written and fun to play or it’s not. Saw a bunch of people smugly saying back in the day they’d not ever play Horizon because Aloy is a girl. What are they so smug about, you’re missing out on a great game. Now that being said, directors etc. who smugly act like they should get an award for being inclusive should fuck off. We can include people without virtue signaling. Just do it and shut up about it, let your work do the talking.

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ravens5262d ago

Looks interesting. Id like to see more.

nzjono62d ago

It was infected by Sweet Bay Inc, just walk away from this one

Umb62d ago

Guess it's a hard pass for me.
Games should be the vision of the dev and not DEI forced to tick boxes!!
To me it seems subtle racism.
Let the disagrees begin.

EternalTitan62d ago

Its a Forspoken spiritual successor with Gollum-like genre influences!
Very innovative!

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