Halo co-creator that joined EA to work on Battlefield 'gut punched'

"Not been saying much here since I don’t have anything positive to say about EA [and] my recent departure," says Lehto. "And how so many, including my team, are suffering due to the industry sweeping layoffs." Lehto later posted on LinkedIn saying he's "incredibly upset and very sad" about the layoffs and Ridgeline "are very talented people whose lives are being upended needlessly."

The single-player campaign in the works at Ridgeline was a co-development with DICE, which Lehto had previously said would "engage players in new ways." It was apparently a standalone project, though what if anything will happen to it now is unknown.

just_looken60d ago

Extra extra ea still being ea

Disintegration Gameplay the game they tossed out as V1 before this ea drama

Knightofelemia59d ago

Why not work on Bad Company I didn't mind the game.

just_looken59d ago

They could have been who knows

CantThinkOfAUsername58d ago

They genuinely have no idea why people liked the games.


I Have A Confession, I Like The Fallout 3 Green Filter

The game looks too clean without it.

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isarai11h ago

How about you actually SHOW wtf you're talking about


5 Reasons Why Call Of Duty On Xbox Game Pass Is A Big Deal

We've put together 5 reasons why we believe the arrival of the Call of Duty franchise on Xbox Game Pass will be a big deal for Microsoft.

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XDefiant Console-Only Crossplay Incoming, Option to Disable Crossplay In-Game Prohibited by Xbox

XDefiant will implement console-only crossplay sometime after launch, Microsoft's rules doesn't allow to disable crossplay in-game.

XiNatsuDragnel7h ago

I wish that can change Microsoft step up lol

shinoff21836h ago(Edited 6h ago)

Funny though as Ms wanted nothing to do with crossplay during the 360 when they were beating ps3 early(ps3 was the tortoise that gen).