Lives of P hits 7 million players

7 MILLION reasons to celebrate.
Thank you for being part of our journey.

darthv7265d ago

this reminds me... I have to get back into this one. Really well made and I like the story.

CrimsonWing6965d ago

Well deserved! I honestly feel this is the closest a Souls-like has gotten to emulating a FromSoft game to the point where I feel it was a FromSoft developed game.

toxic-inferno64d ago

It really has that classic Souls-like feel of the Bloodborne and earlier From Software titles. There's so much to love about the game, and easily one of the strongest first entries in a new franchise I've seen in a long time.

Some have criticised it for taking too much from the Soulsbourne games, but the additions and changes it makes are brilliant. It probably has the best health system of any game I've played in the genre.

Armyofdarkness64d ago

I played it and it's awesome, but what does this mean. Do they count the players that started it on GP and played 5 mins in these numbers? Last I checked this game sold 1 mill (October).

Furesis64d ago

It does say "players" and not copies sold so i think you are correct

Petebloodyonion64d ago

It would be nice to have an actual established norm for "players count" as it can be anything.

A player could be someone who cumulates at least 30 min of playtime in the game.
Also, it would be nice to understand why a single-player-only game would need a player count to measure the success of a game.
For example, it would be understandable if each player counts for some monetization like Youtube that MS has to pay the studio.

Sgt_Slaughter64d ago

Anyone who has booted up a game on Game Pass counts as a "player", which is why Microsoft and others have been using those kinds of buzzwords because they sound better than the lower "copies sold" number would be

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Gr8Vngnz64d ago

I played this on GamePass, 1000G'd it, then bought it on the PS5 and Platinum'd it, all in the space of about a month or so. Was absolutely addicted to it and highly recommened it for any on the fence. Can't wait for either some DLC.

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Lies of P DLC Set to Be Released in Second Half of 2024

According to Neowiz, the Lies of P DLC is scheduled to be released in the second half of 2024, and is being developed in-house.

toxic-inferno7d ago

Great news.

If anyone is still deliberating picking this game up, I highly recommend it.

derek7d ago

Love this game, picked it up later than I should but was hooked on it.

robtion6d ago

Nice. Wizard of Oz DLC incoming!

toxic-inferno6d ago

The predictions are that the sequel will be Wizard of Oz. I read theories that the DLC would be Peter Pan.

__y2jb5d ago

I’ve enjoyed the game game and I think I’m just about to fight the end boss. The Pinocchio / puppet angle is the weakest part of the whole package imo. They should have just made their own world.


‘Stellar Blade, but good’ is here, and it came out seven months ago

Stellar Blade might be the hot game right now, but we already got a better version of it more than half a year ago.

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VersusDMC28d ago

Stellar blade is currently higher than lies of p on metacritic with 40 more reviews. No shade on Lies of P but just pointing that out.

But i don't even know why compare them? Because both are souls type games?

Then you can just reuse this article all the time and say Elden Ring is "whatever new souls game" but good for every new souls game.

Stellar blade hate articles must be rolling with clicks...

Tacoboto28d ago

Everyone in here now is clicking and commenting on this post.

Whoever the "community" is that approved it (Doubt it), contributors should report this article and any other from this low-quality click-bait website for being exactly what it is.

Remember that the reviewer loved the combat too. But because of the character and physics he wrote it off immediately.

Levii_9228d ago

Not that it even matters but both of those games are way better than their metacritic scores.

SubtilizZer28d ago

@VersusDMC “Stellar blade is currently higher than lies of p on metacritic with 40 more reviews“
This is actually misleading as Stellar Blade has only been reviewed on one platform. Both technically sit at 82… and Lies of P has about 30 more reviews right now.

VersusDMC28d ago

You are correct. Especially if you look at open critic. Just wanted to point out that Lies of P is not higher rated critically overall for the first paragraph and did some slight exaggeration not accounting for PC and Xbox reviews.