Viva Piñata Sequel Likely

Lots of interesting info has been gleaned from Shane Kim's (Microsoft Corporate Vice President) open and frank words last week. However in all of the noise about Microsoft cuddling up to Nintendo, the implications of Live coming to Games for Windows and the rumors about a new black 120GB Xbox 360 model coming out to play, a very promising scrap of info has somehow managed to slip by quietly. And what is this salacious detail? It is the muted confirmation that a Viva Piñata sequel is a near certainty.

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Yo Wassap4261d ago


What's the point it would just be odd, IMO they should just create tons and tons of new downloadable content. I know that many people don't have live so maybe for them it could all come on a seperate disk -a la Halo 2 map pack.

zonetrooper54261d ago

I love the game, its excellent and it will be a great IP for the Xbox 360, hopefully the sequel won't come until 2009.

HaKeRsCanRotINHEL4261d ago

VP is pure Rare genius and more games like it are needed!