New Xbox Devkit Certified In Korea, Could Be Next-Gen Console: Rumor

A new rumor suggests the next Xbox console is currently being tested by developers in South Korea.

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Obscure_Observer68d ago (Edited 68d ago )

If true, hopefully a fully fledged next gen console and not some unnecessary mid gen refresh system.

It could be that rumored Xbox portable, who knows

porkChop68d ago

Next gen would make sense. They said they'd talk about new hardware at the end of this year, and Xbox usually starts talking about next gen systems 2 years before they release. Late 2026 would make sense for next gen. Though it also seems a bit early for next gen dev kits to be going out.

Lightning7768d ago

Next gen wouldn't make any sense right now. They still have 1st party to release in the next few years. If they announce their next console at the end of the year that would do them harm more harm for their console. The console barely sells as is anyway. People would just wait off until the NEXT console. That's right, they'll have you playing the waiting game again.

fr0sty68d ago (Edited 68d ago )

If it does have anything to do with NextGen, Sony could have forced their hand by making the ps5 pro so powerful, with it said to be at over 33 teraflops and up to 4x the ray tracing performance, along with AI-powered upscaling that works on all games without patches required, according to Moore's Law is Dead, who is a very reliable source (and he also leaked photos of the internal documents confirming this).

What doesn't make sense is South Korea, why only there?

S2Killinit67d ago

MS is talking next gen because they already released 2 different SKUs, they cannot release a 3rd SKU because the cost of optimizing every game for 3 different consoles would be prohibitively high. MS essentially will abandon current gen xbox owners because otherwise they dont have any way to respond to PS5 PRO.

MS plans really backfired on them this gen.

StormSnooper67d ago

Next gen this early? People just bought their consoles. What about people with the current gen consoles? Will MS support the series S? Or just abandon them?

porkChop67d ago


What do you mean "this early"? They're just talking about the hardware at the end of the year, not releasing it. It wouldn't come out until holiday 2026. Personally I'd prefer waiting until holiday 2027 as we've barely had any games that really take advantage of the current consoles. But 6 years is pretty standard for a generation.

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Profchaos68d ago

That's the million dollar question Microsoft seem to indicate they want to start the next generation off early while PS is seemingly going for a refresh and next gen system in 2028.

However if they start the generation off say next year while only having the xsx on the market for 5 years consumers will start to question the lack of dedication to the systems.

A 5 year console cycle hasn't been relevant since the PS1 era and we've barely seen any convincing software that really shows the need for the current generation as is.

I feel like they need to wait until 2028 at least abs take PS on head on again

PassNextquestion39d ago

I believe the Wii U had 5 year life span till its successor arrive.

andy8568d ago

What would a fully fledged next gen console be though. The power creep is only high enough in 2024 to make a 'pro' type increase unless they make it super expensive. And given not as many are interested in the full powered Series X as it is. Who's buying it?

porkChop67d ago

It wouldn't be releasing in 2024. This is just a dev kit, they're always different from the final hardware.

andy8567d ago

Yeah but the thing would be being designed now is my point

porkChop67d ago

Designed now, yes, but the final hardware isn't available now. They'd have a general idea of what they're targeting but they'd still be working with AMD to build custom chips using upcoming architecture, not currently available chips. This is how every generation works.

S2Killinit67d ago

MS already abandoning the generation. That is how bad they are doing.

Obscure_Observer67d ago (Edited 67d ago )

"MS already abandoning the generation. That is how bad they are doing."

The only one "abandoning" the generation is Sony which barely scratched the surface with the PS5. So far there´s not a single first party game that pushed the hardware closer to its limits with true next gen games.

All its have to show from first party so far, is remakes, remasters, re-releases and cross-generation games.

The worst part of it all is that apparently, even the PS5 Pro will be released without a single first party game to show why that thing is needed in the first place.

That´s why I´m happy Xbox ditched the idea of another mid gen refresh Xbox, and will continue to focus on both SX and SS for the foreseeable future.

S2Killinit67d ago (Edited 67d ago )

Hah that is a hilarious response.

Look at MS leaving the generation halfway in the middle. At least in prior generations they would just give up, now they are abandoning their consumers too! like “sorry you bought what we sold you, but we gotta move on now, byyyeee”

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smashman9867d ago

While I can understand the annoyance with a mid gen refresh considering the severe lack of first party support on this console gen I'd argue it's very necessary considering most games still don't hit native 4k 60 on console.

Obscure_Observer67d ago

The PS5 Pro won´t achieve native 4k 60fps for most games either!

That´s why it´s pointless.

attilayavuzer67d ago

Same CPU in Pro, so the expectation is that it'll just be a res boost unfortunately.

S2Killinit67d ago (Edited 67d ago )

According to Obscure, a mid-upgrade is “unnecessary” but a whole new generation is just dandy. My question is, why is that? I mean at least with a mid-gen upgrade gamers aren’t being left behind. If its too early for a mid-gen, then why is it not too early for a new gen? lol sorry I have to laugh.

Markusb3367d ago

another console for no one to buy, the series is tracking lower than the xbox one, buy your games and support them

S2Killinit67d ago (Edited 67d ago )

Sooo a mid-gen upgrade is too early and “unnecessary”, but a whole new gen that leaves gamers behind is good?

porkChop67d ago

A mid gen console releasing this year using the same CPU, vs a next gen console with all new hardware launching more than two years from now. Mid gen is pointless because without a significant CPU upgrade games will still struggle with performance. A CPU overclock isn't remotely enough.

The biggest obstacle regarding performance this gen is the CPU, this is what causes so many games to have hitching, stuttering, sudden fps drops, 30fps, etc. A faster GPU cannot alleviate these issues, games won't just magically be 4K60fps with raytracing. That's not how it works.

Each frame has to be processed by the CPU before being handed off to the GPU. So a game can ultimately only perform as fast as the CPU can feed the GPU. This is why consoles focusing so heavily on GPU power is a problem, after the first couple years when you start really pushing the GPU the CPU becomes a bottleneck. We need more balanced consoles next gen.

FGHFGHFGH67d ago (Edited 67d ago )

fps, raytracing, etc is all gpu stuff. So when they do gpu tests, they use the exact system but use different gpus, the results are huge if you look at the top vs bottom. CPU will give you a higher ceiling but all graphics stuff is gpu work. FPS is gpu.(you plug gfx card into monitor)
"All games and cards are tested with the drivers listed above—no performance results were recycled between test systems. Only this exact system with exactly the same configuration is used for all results in this review."
Thats from rtx470 super ex review, rx5700xt does 44% compared to rtx470super ex 100% at 2560x1440 resolution. For games gpu is the best upgrade.

Obscure_Observer66d ago (Edited 66d ago )


"Sooo a mid-gen upgrade is too early and “unnecessary”, but a whole new gen that leaves gamers behind is good?"

Have you paid attention to what I´d actually said?

I said that I rather MS to stick with the SX and SS for the foreseeable future!

And what you mean by "leaving gamers behind"?

It´s been 4 years and so far the PS5 don´t have a single true next gen first party game which pushes the console to its limits and, yet, Sony already have a pointless mid gen refresh console ready to launch which according to DF themselves it´s nothing but a disappointment as far CPU performance is concerned.

So why in the hell would I want MS to follow the same route?!

I rather have a full next gen Xbox console released by 2026-2027 rather than a worthless Xbox Series XX to be released this year.

StormSnooper67d ago (Edited 67d ago )

A new generation this early?? How is that a good thing??.. at least give us an upgrade. Some people barely bought their current gen consoles….

romulus2367d ago

Series x only came out 3 years and four months ago, talking about a "fully fledged next gen console" is just as unnecessary right now. Better hope not, an xbox portable would fail miserably.

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