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Outcast - A New Beginning review that explains why it just can’t compare with an unforgettable first game.

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Review - Outcast: A New Beginning (PS5) | WayTooManyGames

WTMG's Kyle Nicol: "It does have a lot of issues, but Outcast: A New Beginning also features its fair share of saving graces. It is flawed, but a somewhat good time in smaller bursts. It’s a shame its open world design felt generic, never succeeding at captivating me, because the core combat mechanics and admittedly great visual design did a lot of heavy lifting. It’s an unapologetic old-school game in its premise and content; it doesn’t try to be anything else, nor does it try to punch above its weight. Whether you think this is commendable or not is up to your opinion."

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ZeekQuattro16d ago

I'm keeping this on my radar. It felt like a AA game from yesteryear. Which is fine but not at $70. I'll pick it up on a decent sale plus thst comes with an added benefit of bug fixes so win win.


Outcast: A New Beginning review [SideQuesting]

What's old is finally new again. This sequel 25 years in the making wears the 90s on its sleeve and adds gorgeous backdrops, surprising us with an experience as silly and fun as it wants to be.

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Outcast: A New Beginning Review - Gamer Social Club

Experience the thrill of Outcast: A New Beginning. Dive into this sequel to a forgotten classic and uncover an unforgettable gaming experience. Our Review

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