Rumor: New Xbox 360 SKU coming May 1?

Is a new Xbox 360 SKU headed to retail or not? Well both 1UP and Game Informer reported on the matter over the weekend with varying bits of information and in light of recent price drop rumors.

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WhEeLz4259d ago

They dont want sony to get close to them in unit sales(which they will in like a year or so)...

THAMMER14259d ago

I'll hold you to your word. Why dose it matter to you bro? You should care less which out sell the other. Mainly because you will looklike a fool if your wrong.

The console war is over anyway.


What are microsoft going to do next, put a bluray drive in? Firstly microsoft said games wont use 1080p and now there including a HDMI output and whats the point of a bigger hard drive if developers wont use it? What about the people who have already bought 360s? Microsoft are one big con and they only think about themselves.

WhEeLz4259d ago

microsoft thinks about the consumers if you think about it...consumers wanted a bigger drive and hdmi(like sony) so they can play true 1080p games...and now their going to get it

MissAubrey4259d ago

Der I wonder! Have you ever been on Xbox live? have you seen all the content they have available??! I guess not or else you wouldn't even question why they need a bigger hard drive. Plus ever hear of something called IPTV?

Funky Town_TX4259d ago

You don't need HDMI for 1080p.

mkemanda4259d ago

what about the over 10million units that sold they should have came out with this new one in the first place thanks for nothing


your speaking crap - thats like condeming apple for updating the ipod every half a year, at the end of the day you knew exactly what you were buying...

OutLaw4259d ago

If this turns out to be true I could have just waited.

CAPS LOCK4259d ago

what happened to your first one? did it break or something?

OutLaw4259d ago

Last week my first one, after having it for a year and 3 months got the 3 rings of death. Then with trying to haggle with Microsoft to fix the damn thing I decided to just go and buy the core and put my original harddrive on it. This time around I did the two year extended warranty. Hopefully this will be my last 360.

Texas GMR4259d ago

It's simple: You want it, buy it. If not, don't.

No one is getting cheated. Your console you have now will do the same things this one will.

It's funny how people complain about not having HDMI and a bigger HD, and then when they get it, they complain about that.

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