‘Marvel’s Black Panther’ Developer Admits To Discriminating Against White People

Dani Lalonders, an Associate Narrative Designer at Cliffhanger Gamers who is currently working on Marvel’s Black Panther, admitted to discriminating against white people while developing her game ValiDate. During a presentation for the Game Devs of Color Expo 2021.

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MestreRothN4G101d ago

The far right babycry never stops 😂

fr0sty101d ago

the perpetual victims...

thorstein101d ago

400 years. Hundreds of thousands of black people: I didn't get the job because I'm black.

2023: 1 job. 1 person denied a few white men from getting a job.

The white men of N4G: OMZG!!!! We'Re bEiNg oPpReSsEd fOr a jOb wE dIdN,T ApPlY fOr nOr aRe qUaLiFiEd tO hOlD¡

SyntheticForm101d ago


You say "white men" as if they're inherently bad, and your words indicate what many of us already know - that DEI isn't about inclusion - it is about exclusion and revenge.

thorstein101d ago

I say it because you're the only ones getting your tighty whities in a bunch, you poor oppressed man. Tell us all about your imagined hurts while completely and utterly ignoring the first full paragraph of my comment.
But you're great at that: taking things out of context.

SyntheticForm101d ago


Your post was an infantile response to the fact that anti-white racism is being highlighted and called out. There was nothing cogent, thoughtful, or intelligent about it. Nothing was taken out of context; you're just racist and angry about racism being highlighted.

Discrimination is wrong; can't believe I have to say that today.

thorstein101d ago (Edited 101d ago )

"Ridicule is the only weapon which can be used against unintelligible propositions." -Thomas Jefferson

I will not bandy words with you, synthetic, not because you think yourself a sophist but because you simply revealed yourself to be intellectually dishonest when you equate centuries of systemic racism to one instance of one person behaving this way. And because you took something out of context. It really is that simple.

Maybe, one day you'll see the broader world and all it beholds, its wonders and its beauties. Or you can choose to hide in your cave and shirk from your visions of the darkness that is nothing but shadows that scare the child, but not the man.


SyntheticForm101d ago


I'm not sure you know what "intellectual dishonesty" is, but it's a charge I could very easily level against you.

I merely argued that discrimination is wrong, and that we shouldn't attempt to fight racism with more racism. You've outright lied here. The problem for you is that people can read - they can read your posts and mine - and they know that you're lying.

As for the rest of your post... pure tripe. Unimpressive, nonsensical, etc.

CDbiggen101d ago

Nice try, but we alllll know who cries over words, stereotypes, lack of representation, and on and on and on. Crying racism, sexism, homophobia, and on and on and on.
You've needed to ban, deplatform and dox anyone who dares say the wrong thing over and over in case your feelings get hurt.

But yes of course, muh far right are the crybabies.

Huey_My_D_Long101d ago

@thor good effort, but I'd doubt these brainwashed idiots would honestly engage without talking points. Last couple of years it was trans now its dei.

neutralgamer1992101d ago


hire the most qualified person irrespective of their skin color. And this is coming from a person of color. No race should be involved in hiring process. Companies should hire based on talent, experience and qualification

RedDevils101d ago (Edited 101d ago )

BLM the victim cult.

JackBNimble101d ago

Ironically it seems many of you are doing exactly what you've been preaching against. Because white is evil it's ok?

You're only creating the great divide with lefties racist ideology. Smh

DarXyde101d ago


While I support the spirit of what you're saying, how does this work if you have an "entry level professional" position where every applicant is fresh out of university with no internships or other experience? By the school they've graduated from? If we did that, it disproportionately favors Caucasians who typically have access to better schools. I should add that I used to work in my graduate school's admissions office and the ONLY time race mattered is when (surprise) you have two equally qualified candidates and one seat left—at that point, you select which ever one has less representation in the program. That is far less common than you might think. It just gets blown up because people are led to believe it is extremely common practice. At the hiring level, I can't say much about that from personal experience, but there have been social research studies where candidates created identical applications (schools, experience, etc) but with different names. Turns out, employers very consistently selected the "whiter sounding names". Full disclosure, I am also a person of color, but there is absolutely a systemic issue that, once you familiarize yourself with the research from criminological, sociological, psychological, economic, political, historical, and labour perspectives, it becomes difficult to ignore how broken the system is—this is an extensive rabbit hole and we would need to get on a call for a few hours to sort that out.

But on the other hand, there are instances where race simply matters. For instance, psychologist. Black men have largely checked out of the therapeutic process and that's because there is either a gendered bias, ethnic bias, or both where it becomes impractical to develop a good rapport with an incompatible therapist. Even if you grow up in a country like America, household cultures come out in therapy and you quickly realize it's a problem.

So again, I support the spirit of what you're saying, but it needs to be taken with nuance.

And to anyone saying "DEI is about revenge"... No, it isn't. You take one instance of discrimination and use it to make a broader point about it being driven by revenge. Be better than that. DEI contingencies exist because they were created by people with power (rarely the beneficiaries of such policies) because there is a precedent: there is discrimination in hiring on the bases of culture, gender, religion, race, hair style, etc. There are a few cases for hair style (food service) and religious restrictions, but I think it is disingenuous for anyone to believe they exist just because. It forces employers to confront their own stereotypes. To be clear, I don't like these policies, but more than that, I don't like that they ever had to exist. In a world where the most qualified person really wins, you don't need these policies, but there is a history for WHY some people are not the most qualified or are "too qualifed". I don't really see how you remove these policies without addressing systemic issues first.

Just my take on the matter.

garos82101d ago

how boring. any original thoughts in that little peanut of yours?

InUrFoxHole101d ago (Edited 101d ago )

He said white men like he was talking about the clear group mentioned in the article.. lol
Your words indicate what I already knew... Humans are weak and you'll cry about everything and anything. Someone is always the victim 🙄

Sonic1881101d ago (Edited 101d ago )

"Last couple of years it was trans now its dei."


Mr_cheese101d ago

It's actually outrageous that people are being ridiculed and dubbed far right because they think this is wrong.

It is wrong, it shouldn't happen, it does happen and the difference here is that this individual openly admitted to it.

We don't pick where we are born or the colour of our skin. It's out of our control. We do control our actions.

101d ago
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MrDead101d ago

Have you seen the links and stories on this site, VALLIANT RENEGADE an insane right-wing movie conspiracy channel and the most crazy DEI s**t I've seen... and it's a rando blog site too! You can tell it's a US election year as all the psychos are going crazy

thorstein101d ago (Edited 101d ago )

Of course, it is. When I first saw this I had to look up to see if it was satirical.

I couldn't believe anyone was this stupid. They love their conspiracies. Especially when it comes to reverse racism. And now they have the smoking gun.

In their minds, this one person's action is equal to all the black people who were denied jobs in 2024 for being black. That's why they spend so much time here calling this out and not on other forums calling out the people who deny jobs to black people.

DrDoomer101d ago

Pretty lame and desperate attempt to try and gaslight people away from the topic at hand...

Rynxie101d ago (Edited 101d ago )


You're the only race in the world on the bottom of the barrel. Every country, every person, in the past was the conquerer, or the conquered, the master, or the slave. However, all other races decided to use such experience to overcome their situation, to better themselves and make something out of themselves and their country. You guys still cry victimhood and blame everyone for your setbacks.

I won't even tell you what race I am, so I can laugh at your assumptions. You're a 🤡

thorstein97d ago (Edited 97d ago )

I'm a straight, white, man.

"Bottom of the barrel"

Your words. Not mine. Guess the righties with their tight whities in a bunch had better call you out for your reverse racism.

LucasRuinedChildhood103d ago (Edited 103d ago )

People are trying to share Libs Of TikTok posts on N4G now?

Libs Of Tiktok caused bombs threats to a children's hospital.

And targeted a district and allegedly inspired the beating and murder of a school student. https://www.independent.co....

kenpachi103d ago

Lol mainstream media links, wake up

Smellsforfree101d ago

"wake up"