Helldivers 2 CEO Explains Why Friendly Fire Is Always On

Helldivers 2 continues to receive love for its bombastic and funny action, a major part of which is the always-on friendly fire. Arrowhead Studios’ CEO & Creative Head holds the same opinion.

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Duke1974d ago

“The most important thing when we make games is believability.”

Lol, I always love these types of answers when your game is about killing waves of space aliens

S2Killinit74d ago

Well, technically a game telling a story that is a work of fiction needs to be believable as much as possible.

Activemessiah74d ago

Exactly, especially in films, there is a line where they can't cross or they lose you... The condition of being immersed is a thin line.

CS774d ago

In works of fiction, you establish the laws of your fictional universe and attempt to have the user “suspend disbelief”.

Great fiction creators try and craft their story within those laws as much as possible and are able to maintain that suspension of disbelief for longer. We tend to call it immersion.

In the end it elevates the work of fiction so much more. And many of the gaming greats like Last of Us Pt 1 use it to enhance their game.

northpaws73d ago

You haven't played this game then, there are so many details on the games that make it more immersive.

Collected samples but failed to extract? You don't get the samples then.

Reloading your gun don't just reload the missing ammo, you reload the full clip instead, and whatever was left in your previous clip are gone.

Sentry has limited ammos, eagle airstrikes need time to re-arm, every equipments on the ground can be picked up my anyone... etc

All these details adds up to make it an unique experience.

And friendly fire is very much needed... the chao is what makes it fun.

Bathyj74d ago

"The general player consensus is that Helldivers 2 is all the better for its friendly fire, which extends to enemies as well. This allows players to trick two enemies into each other’s line of fire. It’s a pretty neat trick and a lesson for all devs implementing friendly fire in future titles."

If you haven't tricked to bile titan into melting a charger with acid then you haven't lived.

Crows9074d ago

Going to try that next time.


The game wouldn’t be the same with friendly fire off. It would be like the Souls series having difficulty options.

Bathyj73d ago

I think it would feel sterile if that's even possible to imagine.


I get what you mean and that’s a good way to put it.

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