Sea of Thieves Tops PlayStation Pre-Order Charts

Sea of Thieves leads PlayStation pre-orders, highlighting its cross-platform appeal and setting new trends in gaming.

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Snookies1274d ago

Eh, I just don't get it... I was super hyped about this game before it came out. Then, when I actually played it I was really let down. I mean, the gameplay is good, and I love the multiplayer aspect of it. But it just felt pointless once I realized nothing is really saved. I was spending a lot of time piling food and supplies on my ship with my co-op buddy. Then, we quit for the night, came back the next day and realized none of that stuff was even saved. Playing just for the sake of cosmetics just doesn't feel satisfying to me personally.

thorstein74d ago

Are you serious?

I'm playing the pirate game that shall not be named and it allows you to warehouse things because your cargo hold can get full and encumber your ship.

That sucks. What's the point of gathering resources then?

Workshyskiver73d ago

You should only really gather the resources to use on your current game session, it really doesn't take that long to fill your pockets from the barrells next to your ship spawn and thats good enough for 99% of sessions. Its more about the loop of exploring, getting plunder and selling it before someone else takes it off you. Storing resources from session to session just isn't really needed.

slate9174d ago

Its why I could never play it long term. The gameplay loop is great. Its well made and polished. Beautiful game. But I cant just go out and grind for only cosmetics. I get they dont want to create a super hardcore game. But its quite boring without other incentives.

LoveSpuds73d ago

Yaaarrrrrr!! What's all this, it don't save yer swag, why, what kinda stinking bilge rat would play a game wivout having proper swag, raaaarrrrrr!

Kiryu199273d ago

This is just the beginning and that’s great for us gamers who don’t associate ourselves with a plastic box and instead just want to play games

Kyizen73d ago

This like No Man Sky launched with minimal content and issues but since then on both games they completely over hauled them. 6 years later I'd say Sea of Thieves is worth a shot if you like the core gameplay.

darthv7273d ago

Well... the game releasing now is certainly not like the game that initially released. And i think that is what PS fans are excited to try out. I hope they like it, its definitely better with friends.

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Knightofelemia74d ago

I was interested in it at first when it was announced back in the day. They the years dragged on no new info about this game I just lost interest. Then when I saw the game play I knew I was not going to get it.

OneLove74d ago

No new info? I don't play this game either but it has many updates over the years....a lot.

Knightofelemia74d ago

At the time when this game was announced and made there was no info about it.

GhostScholar74d ago

It’s been updated with new content constantly the whole time it’s been out. What are you talking about?

Knightofelemia74d ago

Yes when it came out I am talking when it was made prior to release.

Notellin73d ago

Delete this comment please as it's false.

Andrew33673d ago

"I knew I was never gonna get the game I never planned on getting but here, let me tell you about it."

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derek74d ago

People pay for games over on the playstation side. Must feel good for developers on the xbox side.

Profchaos74d ago

Dev's get paid regardless and they don't get extra for sales or subs most are on a salary or consultant wage so I don't think they would care but they will be happy more people can appreciate their work that's the general viewpoint

Microsoft's bean counters though they care

StoneTitan74d ago

I mean if your game does not sell you gonna be laif off. So of course they care :D
Also did you see capcom increased salaries by 25% for everyone, that can only be done if your game sells well obviously

shinoff218373d ago

I'm sure seeing the game sell though still gives the team pride(maybe not the right word exactly

Stuart575673d ago

'I don't think they would care'

Of course they care, if someone is willing to pay for a game on a previously unsupported platform they would be well happy, perhaps even a 'told you so' moment of smugness. Not care? Nah. I'd care.

Tedakin74d ago

Square Enix disagrees. Also Sea of Thieves was the first game Xbox used to advertise Gamepass in a big way. You can't have big sales and tell people to play a game on Gamepass at the same time. Doesn't work that way.

MrNinosan73d ago

SquareEnix doesn't disagree. The games they've released on Playstation has sold well enough, except Forspoken. It's the mobile division, and non Playstation games that is losing money.

GhostScholar74d ago

Funny it’s the top preorder when all Sony fans have done is make fun of it since day 1. My only issue with the game is not allowing you to customize your look. You have to just refresh random looks until you find something that look half way decent.

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Deeeeznuuuts74d ago

I'm a huge Sony fan and always thought it's looked interesting, glad Xbox are bringing games over to playstation, hoping for Master Chief Collection at some point and Gears

GhostScholar74d ago

Just be glad if mcc does come
It’s in the shape it is now and now how it was when it dropped lol

Obscure_Observer74d ago


"Funny it’s the top preorder when all Sony fans have done is make fun of it since day 1."


But we know for a long time that those diehard don´t speak for actual Playstation gamers.

74d ago
Einhander197273d ago

And now we see how quickly all the people who were in tears and boycotting Microsoft about putting games on PlayStation were humbled enough to brag about actual sales on PlayStation.

Barlos73d ago

I thought it looked shit on Xbox, and now it's coming to PlayStation, guess what...

I still think it looks shit.