Helldivers 2 player finds abandoned mechs on new planet

While players are fighting hard to liberate Tien Kwan, one lucky Helldiver found themselves an abandoned mech to help them along the way.

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Helldivers 2 players are overjoyed that this mission modifier is gone

The Helldivers 2 01.000.400 update has been heavily praised by the community, especially due to the removal of this modifier.

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Helldivers 2 Devs Snuck Gunship Patrols With the Patch

Some players were stunned when they stumbled upon Gunship Patrols after the latest Helldivers 2 patch. Fans share their first impressions.


Helldivers 2 Community Chose to "Save the Children" Over Getting New Weapon, Devs Donate to Charity

Helldivers 2 community chose to "save the children" instead of completing a task to obtain a new weapon even if the reward wasn't specified.

excaliburps3h ago

Very. Kudos to the dev who thought of this. Honestly surprised people went for it. LOL!

Crows902h ago

It would've been interested to have an option to save puppies or save kids.


jznrpg12h ago(Edited 12h ago)

It was one or the other. Didn’t have time to liberate both planets. It nice they donated to kids.