Silent Hill 2 Remake Has Been Rated In Korea

Bloober Team‘s Silent Hill 2 Remake has been rated in Korea, indicating a release date announcement may not be too far off.

98d ago
jznrpg98d ago (Edited 98d ago )

I just hope they make it a pretty good game. My expectations are low(because of Blooper making it) so maybe it will surprise me and others.

anast97d ago

Yeah, not gonna lie, I agree with you. But I'll still get it, it just won't be a day 1.

TheColbertinator97d ago

Konami and Blooper killed all the hype for this game

CrimsonWing6997d ago

Really my biggest gripe is the gunplay and animations. Everything else seems spot on.

ROCKY2897d ago

Rated JUNK due to Blooper Team sux Ass !

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Petebloodyonion32d ago

Why would Sony do that and how would this benefit them?
1) It would piss off their media partners (IGN, Gamespot, Edge, etc.) since they would have to allocate resources fast to cover the event.
2) Risk of not having great coverage or proper coverage from the various source
3) It could give the impression that they are not confident in their own stuff.
4) They would miss the chance to hype the event losing viewers and losing free marketing time.

Again I'm calling it bogus unless it's a small showcase before the big one or because they want to announce that Hellbalde 2 is also coming on PS5.

SlothLordPootus32d ago

As far as I can remember, they typically give a week heads up for these sorts of things.

Lightning7732d ago

I was about to say Sony always gives a week in advance for their show.

VersusDMC32d ago (Edited 32d ago )

Last year it was a weeks notice.


May 17th announcement for may 24th show.

VersusDMC32d ago

Nintendo always tweets that a direct is happening tomorrow but no one cares.

Sony gives a week or days of notice and we get anti sony type fake outrage like this.

But good luck trying trying to get some Sony hate going...

Petebloodyonion32d ago

You just mention it!
Sony gives a week in advance NOT just a couple of days.
So I fail to see what Sony's hate movement I'm trying to start when it's a basic business strategy to not piss off your partners (ask Sega).
And I doubt it's hate to ask how it would benefit Sony in doing so.

thesoftware73032d ago (Edited 32d ago )

Huh? What?

Bro you really should relax, if what you read was some kinda negative against Sony.... seriously, is that what you got from the comments?

Bro, he was debunking the rumor, and gave perfectly good reasons why it would be unlikely, and your Nintendo Direct comparison is different, as this is supposed to be a BIG Sony showcase, not a surprise 20 min direct, and Sony 's pattern has been one week.

Slow down warmonger.

VersusDMC32d ago (Edited 32d ago )


"1) It would piss off their media partners (IGN, Gamespot, Edge, etc.) since they would have to allocate resources fast to cover the event."

That is implying Sony is preventing them from doing their job properly therefore negatively affecting their business...but i guess that's a reach in your mind?

And it's not like they need that many resources to cover the stream. They just need 3 people to react to the stream live and make some easy articles made up mostly of summaries of Sony provided press releases. They would have enough time to "prepare" if it was announced with one days notice.

Petebloodyonion32d ago

" That is implying Sony is preventing them from doing their job properly therefore negatively affecting their business...but i guess that's a reach in your mind"

No, it simply implies that some media all over the world might (keyword MIGHT) not properly cover the event like having proper articles for each game announced, or having a proper preshow. maybe some popular YouTubers won't have time to prepare or simply your local newspaper doing an article on tech and game.

So why would Sony take a chance?
What benefit would that give them?

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Petebloodyonion32d ago

Before I get tons of replies for Sony given a week in advance, my initial comments are related to the notion that the Show could happen this week as the title mentions.
Now to be fair the complete article mentions that Jeff said the Show could happen later in May giving time for Sony to give the normal 7-day notice.

Again not trying to start a negative thing here just thinking that it's bogus that Sony will have a show this week

notachance32d ago

Yeah as much as I’d like to hear what sony’s 1st parties have cooked, it’s not their style to shadow drop a showcase.

Still waiting for ghost of tsushima 2, I’m ready whenever man..

KwietStorm_BLM32d ago

You're assuming media outlets don't know about it.

gold_drake32d ago

i can tell you that no one cares if ign is pissed or not.

watching a livestream and writing stuff aint the world. many habe done that before your god ign.

fr0sty32d ago (Edited 32d ago )

As a former gaming journalist that covered Sony & Nintendo's E3 conferences 3 separate times and was flown out to multiple press events for THQ, Square, and EA, let me inform you of this thing called an "embargo" that journalists are put under... it's very possible that details of this event have been given to the gaming press, but they are not yet allowed to discuss it. In fact, that may be where our leaker got their info...

Petebloodyonion32d ago

Tks for sharing this info :) but let's be honest I doubt that Jeff Grubb would left in the dark due to his notoriety while the rest of Gamespot ppl are in the knowing.

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32d ago
Hofstaderman32d ago

Going in with no expectations but likely will see something that resonates with me.

FinalFantasyFanatic32d ago

I hope there's something impressive in there.

DeadlyFire32d ago

Nah they will announce it probably, but it won't happen right away soon though yes.