The Most Obscure Games on the PS2

The ultimate list of obscure PS2 games. Featuring all kind of obscurities for you to explore, the PS2 is not short on obscure games.

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Top five most bizarre games from the sixth-gen era

Game Idealist revealed their top five most bizarre games to have come out during the sixth-gen era (PlayStation 2, Gamecube and Xbox).

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Immorals3515d ago

Surprised not to see Billy hatcher and the giant egg! So many hours burnt in the split screen in boarding school..

LightDiego3515d ago

Shame, i never played any of them. Katamari is bizarre, and really fun.


Ve3tro Reviews - Brave A Warriors Tale

Ve3tro writes: "This game reeks of nostalgia. Whether it's the unintentional 'naughty dog' logo slapped on the warriors cheeks, to the level segments that play and almost look as though they were ripped right out of the earlier Crash Bandicoot titles. I use the word ripped out, but I do not mean 'ripped off', this definitely feels like a homage to the games of the past that pushed the platformer genre forward. Unfortunately, Brave doesn't do much of that himself…"


Ripten E3 08 Hands-On Preview: Brave: The Search for Spirit Dancer

Ripten writes: "Brave: The Search for Spirit Dancer is another game from SouthPeak Games that I got my sweaty palms on.

A third person action adventure game that was originally made for the PS2 but is now making its way onto the Xbox 360, Wii and Nintendo DS. I got to check out an early Xbox 360 demo.

Set in a world based on the mythology of Native America, you play as Brave, a young Native American boy who is on a journey to save his tribe. Brave is on a mission to find the Spirit Dancer, the greatest Shaman who ever lived, to rescue his tribe from the evil Wendigo."