McFarlaneToys Reveals Fallout Series Figure

Here is a look at the pending figures for the pending series.

Sciurus_vulgaris83d ago

I preordered the 7 inch Brotherhood of Steel member named Maximus because I love T-60 power armour. However, which McFarlane had went with 7 inch Power Armour figures and 6 inch scale human figures that were poseable.

Garethvk83d ago

They are all good choices but if the show is good; we will likely see a ton of stuff soon.

Sciurus_vulgaris83d ago

I want Macflarane to a do a Fallout Line comparable to what they are doing with 40k. I collect figures, I would love to have some 6-7 inch scale T-60, T-45 and T-51 to display in my living room.

Garethvk82d ago

Variety is good and I am curious if the show is a hit as we expect; will Bethesda take advantage and announce a new game or just keep updating F76?

Sciurus_vulgaris81d ago

I think a new Fallout game would have to developed outside of Bethesda. Obsidian would be a good candidate to develop a new Fallout, but that studio has its own projects underway.


Todd Howard Has No Plans to Retire, Open to Other Studios Making Fallout Games

In a recent interview, Todd Howard revealed that he has no plans to retire and reiterated Bethesda's openness to help from other studios.

DOMination-28d ago

Oh great, now we have to deal with Anasts Bethesda fetish indefinitely.

Thanks a lot, Todd

anast28d ago

You're welcome for the free entertainment. Usually, it comes at a cost of $70 because of inflation.

Crows9028d ago

That's an inflated price...

anast28d ago (Edited 28d ago )


It would be if it weren't a valuable resource.

mastershredder28d ago

"with no plans to retire anytime soon" I mean this is like a common news topic involving his name. Knock it off and do some actual newsing. This is like the biggest "No Duh" article of the day, and several sites had to regurgitate it. Geez. So lame.

OtterX28d ago

"Batman. I like the idea that if I had enough money, time, and vengeance, I could become him." - Todd Howard


This is when he'll retire.

nmbr1esq28d ago

He doesn't have to retire, just the stupid outdated garbage creation engine.

Kados28d ago

Netimmerse 4.0, presumably 5.0 for TES6. They should give the Fallout IP to Obsidian, and have it made in UE5.

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Xbox & Bethesda Have A Big Fallout Problem, But It's A Good Problem To Have

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raWfodog28d ago

I’m going to get back into Fallout 4 since I haven’t finished it yet. The recent update will likely give me more of an incentive to get to it sooner rather than later.

Crows9028d ago

The recent update does nothing except take up more space...

raWfodog28d ago

New armor, weapons, and mission(s) is enough for me, especially since I haven’t finished the game yet.