Helldivers 2's meteor storms are finishing objectives and its players

Arrowhead's new weather effects like Helldivers 2's meteor storms are catching players by surprise as they clear both objectives and allies.

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monkey602103d ago

They are a pain in the ass and I'm here for it 😂

Eonjay103d ago

I experienced on last night during a pure chaos Automaton battle on the planet making the Exo-Suits. There was so much going on, by the time the shower started I barely had time to notice dodging hulks and rocket fire lol. Absolutely nuts... would do it again lol.

redknight80103d ago

That sounds like a huge blast - I can't wait to do my part for Democracy this weekend!

thorstein103d ago

"Would do it again"

If you wouldn't, that would be treason.

Silver_ShadoWolf103d ago

This would be ok if the game offered cover. It’s like the game is designed to take a few lives if you’re doing good. I’m not a fan of systems that work extra hard to make you fail. Or a better description is it’s a game that forces you to lose and call it adding difficulty.

Eonjay103d ago

The game is called Helldivers... not Cake-walkdivers. It literally the point of the game. There is no value associated with survival. You don't even have to make it to beat a mission. Its hell, it constant chaos and you can be killed in a single hit from some enemies. Most of your deaths will probably come from your teamates absurdly powerful stratagems. Last night I spawned in and my drop ship fell on one of my teamates and crushed him instantly (accident btw!!!). Its hard as hell and its a blast! They had to turn off the KIA counter because it was taking up to much processing power but if they turned it on the numbers would be at least a million a day.

Silver_ShadoWolf103d ago

Basically you’re saying that a team based game doesn’t have the ability to provide a perfect run for teams because the game doesn’t want that. Some people play to complete things and the ultimate form of completion is a no death run. A game is balanced by always letting the player be able to counter the game and vice versa. The introduction of metor showers and no cover is just bad game design.

Eonjay103d ago


No thats not what I am saying. I have several perfect runs. What I am saying is that the game is hard. It isn't made to be easy. You have to really coordinate to get a good perfect run on higher difficulties but it is possible. The game is designed in a way where you have to really coordinate with your team to get a perfect run tho. Otherwise you will die. For example, last night I was playing a round where I was doing fine but died three time. All three times was because my teammates were throwing around attacks without properly warning every one else. One time, they were killed and their attack landed next to the group and went off before we could react. So everyone died. The meteor shower is great because this game features something called emergent gameplay. Meaning that things can happen that you can't plan for. It goes further than that if you read up on their plans for the Game Master.

Sounds like this kinda gameplay just isn't for you. You want games where you can plan for every variable. This is not that game.

thorstein102d ago (Edited 102d ago )

@silver and @eonjay

I find your conversation to be highly suspicious of those not wanting to spread Liberty, Capitalism, and Freedom to the inhabitants of the galaxy.

There is a war! And the only way to support Freedom! is to buy things and spread Democracy at the point of a gun barrel.

Bathyj103d ago

It's war mate.
You can't have a war with no deaths.

repsahj102d ago

If your armor is heavy with passive effect of added defense and combined it with shield with full gauge, you can survive a 1 direct hit of meteor.

repsahj102d ago

We have to protect and support this masterpiece!!!


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