How to Beat Terminids in Helldivers 2 - Terminid Strengths and Weaknesses

There are various strains of Terminids in Helldivers 2, and the knowledge how to beat each and every one of them is compiled in this article.

Sonic188172d ago (Edited 72d ago )

Helldivers 2 got harder after the update. All the good guns including the Railgun and Breaker are underpowered now except for the flamethrower. I also noticed people quiting during the match a lot more now. I'm guessing it's the hard difficulty for them. I've never experienced that since the update.

Sonic188171d ago (Edited 71d ago )

The energy shield backpack is useless now. They nerfed that pretty hard as well. It is what it is

Bathyj71d ago

Flamethrower melts chargers now.
500kgs takes care of bile titans .

Man, game is hard now but.
Enemy respawns are way over the top.
They'll rebalance again I'm sure.

Sonic188170d ago (Edited 70d ago )

The Flamethrower is my go to now since they nerfed the Railgun. I'm still trying to find a good assault rifle because the Breaker recoil is higher now with less ammo

Bathyj70d ago

I'm still grinding towards the shocker. About another 100 medals.

But the Slugger is pretty viable against medium armour, more so than the Breaker.

Sonic188170d ago

Maybe I'll go with the slugger

Ironmike70d ago

I think the mechs balance things out


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LG_Fox_Brazil1d 13h ago

The main tip that I would tell a new player is: know how and when to pick your fights. Sometimes it's better to avoid a skirmish altogether and focus on the missions. And if you are indeed starting a fight, try to end is as soon as possible and focus on the smallers enemies first, because if you get rid of all those bastards then they won't call for backup and you'll have time to finish the bigger threats


Helldivers 2 is now on the Game Boy Color, sort of

Helldivers 2 is now on the Game Boy Color, sort of.

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Helldivers 2 has been added back to Steam in some countries

Several countries that were restricted during the PSN controversy have had its restrictions lifted and players can purchase Helldivers 2.

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LG_Fox_Brazil1d 13h ago

Good, we need more people fighting for SuperEarth

Elit3Nick1d 9h ago

The countries added back are US territories, which shouldn't have been restricted in the first place. So far, this doesn't seem like a change to Sony's stance on countries that don't support PSN.