The Alters - Gameplay Reveal Trailer | Xbox Partner Preview

See The Alters gameplay explained! Explore an emotional sci-fi game that features a unique blend of adventure, survival, and base-building elements. Play as Jan Dolski, a simple worker who creates alternative versions of himself in a desperate attempt to escape from a planet where even sun rays can prove deadly.

Obscure_Observer137d ago

Looks amazing!

Day one on Gamepass was an awesome surprise.

H9138d ago

All hangs on the quality of the writing, hard to tell from now if it will be good or garbage

darthv72138d ago

this does look pretty cool... sort of death stranding-ish

Petebloodyonion138d ago

I like the idea of multiples you

Greg2801138d ago

Cool concept! Its also on ps5 I see


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