Gametrailers: Crackdown Video Review (7.5)

Crackdown is full of good ideas, but will it survive on it's own merits?

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Yo Wassap4416d ago

That guy must have been on crack (excuse the pun), those scores were not justifyable IMO.

leon4416d ago (Edited 4416d ago )

yea what ever, i personally read EDGE (uk) and that is one of the most harshest reviewers in the mag industry, and edge gave it it an 8 out a 10
an 8 in edge is like a 9 in other mags,
and ive got my uk copy today (3 days early) and all i can say is, so much freedom

game trailers, what fcuking joke

and why do they keep compairing it to grand theft auto, its nothing like grand theft auto and it isnt trying to be