Yuzu Creators Will Pay Nintendo $2.4 Million in Damages and End Development of Switch Emulator

Nintendo and Yuzu Emulator developer Tropic Haze have mutually agreed to settle their lawsuit, with the emulation developer paying Nintendo $2.4 million in damages and shutting down development.

H976d ago

Holy crap Nintendo, chill for a second will you, they haven't burned your studios

Neonridr75d ago

they were taking money through their Patreon for software that allowed users to pirate games and play illegally

"chill Nintendo"

LoveSpuds75d ago

Seems like they got off relatively lightly really. That guy running the ROM site ended up owing something like 10 million dollars if I recall, and he was just a dude not making much money off the site and has no way of paying the awarded amount to Ninty.

XiNatsuDragnel76d ago

Nintendo this isn't the end of emulators for switch, hydra situation will come and piracy won't end its inevitable L on the Part of people attempting to stop it. Unless the internet can auto delete everything or companies can be more understanding once on the internet it'll never go away.


Exactly, piracy will never go away Nintendo will never end it. They are just wasting time and money which would be better spent elsewhere.

Andrew33676d ago

They just got paid 2.4 million tho, seems like they didn't waste any time

Rocketisleague75d ago (Edited 75d ago )

They can actively and discourage it. Its their right just like.its my right to pirate there software...or...wait what

XiNatsuDragnel75d ago

Lol exactly it's a war that has no winners or losers it's a pointless struggle. 🤣


Ryujinx is available, and I'm sure other Switch emulators will be made. The thing is Nintendo will never stop piracy not now, and not in the future. Where has all this suing got them? Nowhere. There are still ROMs of their games on torrent sites and Usenet for years and nothing can be done about it, and I like it😁. I have a Switch OLED and a PC and buy games to, and yes I download for free as well.

JL293076d ago (Edited 76d ago )

It got them a two and a half million dollar settlement. Companies should also start prusing the priates with fines and/or jail time.

autobotdan76d ago

Two in a half million is a very low amount of money. They didnt win much

JL293076d ago (Edited 76d ago )

And they don't need much, it's Nintendo. 2 1/2 million is what it took to bury the Yuzu team and they succeded in that.
Yuzu profited from that emulator and now they are gone. At the end of the day, that's all that matters for them.

autobotdan76d ago (Edited 76d ago )

They are not gone. Your kidding yourself. Yuzu name is gone. However all their technology no doubt was passed to others days before this settlement.

JL293076d ago (Edited 76d ago )

Yes, Yuzu as it was is gone. Yuzu doesn't exisit as an entity anymore, it's just a dead emulator name now.

If they form a public group and try to profit again, then they will be sued again. Eventually these companies will turn their eye to the people like you. Believe it.

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Software_Lover75d ago

How much did the lawyers cost?

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Neonridr75d ago

it'll make other companies think twice though, which is the point.

Vits76d ago

Honestly, I'm still surprised that they were registered in the US. It seems to be one of the worst places to set up any sort of enterprise focused on emulators. The EU would likely provide more protections due to their much more pro-consumer legislation, while the BRICS would likely not care at all about Nintendo and their lawsuit.

Worse than that, it would probably only be Japan itself. That said, this news is very sad. It's not just Yuzu that suffered but also Citra, as they share the same developers.

Unknown_Gamer579475d ago

Citra is what I’m sad about. I didn’t care about Yuzu as I don’t emulate modern games that I can easily purchase. With the 3DS eShop gone now though, Citrus was a way to play and access those games.

-Foxtrot76d ago

Everytime these come about people blab about the emulators and Nintendo finds them

Loose lips sink ships