Top 10 Games We Would Like To Play in 3D

That Gaming Site writes: "At some point last week Sony and Blitz decided they'd show off some of the neat things they can do when you get a 120Hz display, a PS3 and some funky glasses, ala 3D gaming. While it is supposed to give a better sense of depth perception, it is pretty gimmicky and probably won't take off. Put it this way, if the Wii is considered a gimmick than Sony are wearing pretty big clown shoes with their 3D wizardry! It'll go the way of the virtual boy I tell you!"

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Cernex3567d ago

What makes us think devs such as Nintendo or Microsoft are going to use it? Just a thought, though.

El Cernex

Elven63567d ago

Sony is not making the tech, Blitz is and it will work on any HDMI device on a display capable of at least 120 Hertz.

krazy14kraz3567d ago

I'd like to play a Spiderman game in 3-D. That would be shweet!

Elven63567d ago

I'd play it, if it was good!

SAiOSiN3567d ago

Get me Lara Croft in 3D!!! Anyway...I would like Fallout 3, MGS4, and Killzone 2 in 3D the most.