Games Beefjack would like to see: World War Z

Zombies have always been significant with the world of pop culture. Horror fans swoon over the idea of the world falling to a zombie apocalypse and play with idea in their minds. So, follow Beefjacks thoughts as to why Max Brooks' 'World War Z' should be made into a computer game and why Treyarch should develop it.

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creeping judas5139d ago

World War Z, is one of the better books I've read this decade. They are making it into a movie, so a game shoudn't be that hard to imagine.

MeatAbstract5139d ago

Yeah, although I feel that a movie is a bad move for WWZ. Why not a series? Each episode can be a diffrent interview where you learn of their hardships during the zombie uprising.

SeanScythe5139d ago (Edited 5139d ago )

I would buy this game in a heart beat. I wish they would make a true Zombie Game like Nazi Zombies only more open world. I mean think of somthing like GTAIV with zombies. You and some friends I'd say 12-16 are locked in a large portion of the city you each start at different parts. Maybe in groups of two and have to make your way to the evac zone. Only thing is you have the entire city after you. With cars you can get to certain points until you hit road blocks but they also draw attention. The closer you get to the evac the fast and more dangerous zombies get. You can talk to your friends by cell ingame and to find out where they are kinda like how the iphone can track people. Then if you get killed you are then put alone if a different part of town forced to regroup. you get only a few lives and if you lose them all then your out. Make the game to where you can't camp for longer then a few minutes because the longer you sit in one building then the more zombies will focus on you.

Gray25139d ago

I agree with the author... except i don't want treyarch to make it. they are mediocre developers. I would actually like to see infinity ward or gorilla games (thats how they spell it, right?) do it.