Helldivers 2 devs squash meta worries: “use the one you like the most”

Some PS5 players believe there’s a Helldivers 2 meta worth leaning into, but Arrowhead Game Studios want you to experiment instead.

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GoodGuy0976d ago

These games and devs that have been overtaking the world by storm out of nowhere, the big guys need to learn from.

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OhReginald75d ago

That's all well and good to say. But in actuality especially if you play on helldive, you'd want to have the most powerful weapons and firepower. Definently when facing the automatons. Also they havent fixed the armor rating bug, so medium/ heavy armor rn Is just for looks nothing more.

FyBy75d ago

I think it is not a problem to have another high level combination of stratagems. Problem are people, which are pulled up by skilled people. I already met lvl 9 player on suicide mission.

Crows9075d ago

The meta is dumb. That shotgun isn't the best weapon. It depends entirely on how good the player is ...some players burn through a clip in seconds barely doing much damage.

I've seen players with meta load outs constantly going into firefights with patrols.

The meta is knowing how to play with your load out NOT the load out.

What they need to fix for sure is the ability to kick a teammate more than 5 minutes into a mission. Sucks to be kicked by assholes while waiting for evac

thornintheside75d ago

Nonsense, the shotgun is the best weapon by far. No one is making the argument that using meta builds negates bad players.

Crows9074d ago


Ummm...you kinda proved my point. What good is sticking with the meta if the meta isn't used properly. Better to let people use what is working for them...that way you optimize the player...which helps the team..instead of forcing to use something that will prevent them from being any help at all....

Meta is dumb. If I'm using a shotgun I want the player next to me backing me up with something faster, especially to knock out the grunts.

Maybe if you're super coordinated and all team members are highly skilled then you can say that the meta is the best option....but...that's not the case for 99.8% of missions.

Magatsuhi75d ago

Sure I'll use the weapon I like. I know my team will appreciate me not killing anything lol.

Crows9075d ago

Play more of a support role for them. I've been on many teams with the meta load out and they keep on dying while I survive and rescue their asses all the time. They don't play well.

Magatsuhi75d ago

What do you do when your team is already good at surviving and are self efficient? 🤔

Basically my only use is to be bait and aggro enemies. That's not a very fun role to take.

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Helldivers 2 players share tips everyone should know but many don't

Helldivers 2 can take a long time to figure out every mechanic in the game, so Reddit users have shared their most helpful tips.

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LG_Fox_Brazil1d 14h ago

The main tip that I would tell a new player is: know how and when to pick your fights. Sometimes it's better to avoid a skirmish altogether and focus on the missions. And if you are indeed starting a fight, try to end is as soon as possible and focus on the smallers enemies first, because if you get rid of all those bastards then they won't call for backup and you'll have time to finish the bigger threats


Helldivers 2 is now on the Game Boy Color, sort of

Helldivers 2 is now on the Game Boy Color, sort of.

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Helldivers 2 has been added back to Steam in some countries

Several countries that were restricted during the PSN controversy have had its restrictions lifted and players can purchase Helldivers 2.

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LG_Fox_Brazil1d 15h ago

Good, we need more people fighting for SuperEarth

Elit3Nick1d 11h ago

The countries added back are US territories, which shouldn't have been restricted in the first place. So far, this doesn't seem like a change to Sony's stance on countries that don't support PSN.