Star Wars Strategy Game Development Unaffected by EA Layoffs

Despite EA's recent layoffs and project cancellations, the anticipated Star Wars strategy game by Bit Reactor is still on track.

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[Exclusive] Xbox Reaches Agreement With Batman: Arkham Trilogy Creators For A New AAA Game

Ex-Rocksteady directors' Hundred Star is collaborating with Xbox Game Studios Publishing for its first-ever AAA game.

Lightning779h ago(Edited 9h ago)

Highly doubt it'll be an actual Batman game that IP belongs to WB Games along with other DC property.

They're making an action adventure game. IMO I think it needs to be another Marvel game despite MS already have Blade as that action Marvel game. Dead Pool? Punisher?

Realistically it'll probably be a new IP entirely.

The_Hooligan7h ago

I agree with you. I think I'll be a brand new IP. Now it could be a superhero themed, kind of like infamous. Speaking of which, Suckerpunch needs to make one after Ghost 2.

neutralgamer19927h ago

would love a infamous collection for ps5/pc

Lightning776h ago

I definitely think it'll be super hero themed game 100%. Something MS needs in their portfolio.

ThinkThink4h ago

Please, no more super hero games.

PhillyDonJawn4h ago(Edited 4h ago)

Dead Pool or Punisher would be amazing!!!
Don't tease me like that man lol. I see them making a new IP that's like an arkham knight clone

Dirty_Lemons40m ago

I loved the old Punisher game back in the day. Those executions never got old.

MIDGETonSTILTS177h ago(Edited 7h ago)

I hope these devs needed support to start/finish (like Stalker 2), vs are basically done with the game but wanted to secure an exclusivity-bonus because they know Xbox needs a system seller (like Titanfall).

It’s a bit strange that they’d rather invest in this game than Tangoworks’ TWO canceled projects; or just trust a single dev from their existing massive stable of talent to emerge with a system-seller themselves anytime soon.

Either way, it is just cool that we’ll likely get a new IP from the geniuses behind the Arkham Trilogy. I wonder how creative they’ll get now that they aren’t married to an established franchise.

darthv727h ago

This is about the former co-founders of Rocksteady and their new studio. So naturally it makes people think its Batman related with the way its worded, even though its not.

-Foxtrot7h ago

Exclusive? Sure

This year alone Microsoft has changed their plans so much with Xbox regarding multiplatform releases as they step closer to just being a full blown third party publisher and it's only been 4-5 months, imagine where we'll be once this game is finished. It will be a completely different landscape.

ThinkThink4h ago

I don't think MS will ever go completely full 3rd party with all of their games. I can see them looking towards expanding their own mobile store and moving into Mac as ways of expanding. I'm sure ms will bring more exclusives over to ps and nintendo, but I don't think it'll be as many games as you think it will. I hope I'm wrong.

Lightning774h ago

The ever contradictions thoughts and actions of MS definitely says otherwise MS changed up so much on the past 6 months of the year I lost count.

Though I'm more declined to believe they also won't go full 3rd party also.


This year they're having Renaissance a super bowl of gaming with Gamepass this year. BO6, older ABK games, Avowed, Indy and other 3rd party exclusives all to grow and expand gamepass. If these games don't grow the service or grow only a little bit. Then you can fully expect MS to hit the red button and put everything everywhere. Satya will have full Xbox take over doing what he wants from that point on next year.

It's up to Xbox to advertise these games and gamepass in the next 6 months or so get the word out.

Profchaos3h ago

The more the news evolves the more I'm inclined to believe we will see MS embrace full third party status but not call it third party in their word soup ways.

It will be Xbox everywhere plays best on a Xbox.

Next gen Xbox is rumoured to be a reference design similar to the 3d0 where any company can make and sell it.

If you're offloading hardware costs to a third party yet still profiting from the games then you've cut out losses on the hardware you still have a store front that users can use and still make a 30 percent cut on that.

Your games sell for a profit on PS and Nintendo platforms and on Xbox reference hardware along with PC

You lose .kney on DLC and games sold on a competitor storefront they are seemingly already comfortable with this.

The ms bean counters are coming for the ROI that was promised they don't care if they kill the brand as it stands Xbox was never a profitable business it was always just done for reputation

PhillyDonJawn3h ago

@Lightning the would end the console then. No one would buy Xbox over PS at that point cause now you get both with just a PS. If GP flop for them, Logically, rolling back on GP would be the smarter than to do. No more day 1 title. Less quality titles. They'd lose subs but people would go back to buying the games.

Lightning771h ago

@Philly They could scale back gamepass put Indies only, AAA 1st party games coming 4 to 6 months from release. The thing is MS will have to tell their fans to buy their games again and that's gonna take years and years to condition them to buy games again. MS will lose money from that also. They'll lose out on gamepass revenue, lose out on games sales because their fans don't buy as many games anymore.

I can't see them scaling back or axing gamepass it does make them allot of money, they just want more money from it. They're not gonna condition their fans to start buying games either.

As I said they'll go full 3rd party and yes you ate right, if they do that then there would be no reason to buy the next Xbox. I know j won't be, you better hope the next 6 months they advertise the games and GP there little hearts out because this could be it.

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purple1016h ago

Spawn (as well as master chief) are the only characters I associate with Xbox. Are there more I can’t remember?

rlow15h ago

Gears is another big game one.

purple1015h ago

Yeh big game, do you know the name of the lead character. Or team of lead characters. I don’t

rlow15h ago

Marcus, Dom, Cole Train. And I can’t remember the fourth.

Profchaos3h ago(Edited 3h ago)

Also the chick from gears 5 seems to pop up on all their modern advertising I can't remember her name either.

Cars also feature heavily in a Xbox ad it's always master chief front and centre with cars and maybe a gears character hanging around

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Resident Evil Zero and Code Veronica Remakes are reportedly in the works, not Resident Evil 1

Industry insider Dusk Golem reveals that there is no Resident Evil 1 Remake in the works. Instead, Capcom are reportedly in active development of Resident Evil Zero and Code Veronica.

-Foxtrot1d 14h ago

RE Zero would be better to do first over RE1 because they can tie the story into RE1 more.

The original RE Remake was weird because Rebecca never mentioned anything about what happened in Zero and it felt so disjointed because Zero was developed during the Remake and they clearly didn't share any notes with one another.

Cacabunga13h ago

Wise decision. 2 of my favorites!

repsahj1h ago

RE Zero is one of my favorite game on gamecube!

Knightofelemia1d 12h ago

Give me Dino Crisis dammit Capcom

TGG_overlord18h ago

And all it took was +24 years + a phone call from me lol.