Bad Story, Great Game: Mediocrity Gooses Gears 2 (Spoilers)

Marcus Fenix staggered into the enemy's subterranean lair, squinting into the alien computer terminals. He couldn't believe his eyes. Could it be true? Humanity's arch-fiend enemies - the howling, braying Locust horde - were secretly fighting an internal civil war. And the only way to save Jacinto, the last human refuge, was ... to sacrifice it! Humanity would survive, but at what cost?

Fenix reloaded his battle-scarred rifle. "Come on, Delta," he barked at his loyal, ragtag squad. "There's work to be done!" Perhaps his father had been right. Perhaps ... uh ... heh heh ... ahahahahahaha .

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Chris3993570d ago (Edited 3570d ago )

He actually has a point. Gears 2 was a visual, auditory, game-play achievement.

The story was ridiculous at best. The scene where Dom finally finds his battered wife after searching most of the game for her... and then shoots her in the head and moves on (wait, he sorta cried a bit, ya know like REAL MENZ DO!!!) was particularly silly. I laughed when I was supposed to be, I dunno, laughing less.

Game was tight, but I have no motivation to play through it again for the tale it tells. Fun as all Hell to play though, if you don't think too much about the narrative.

- C

Carbide73570d ago

Is it just me, or does this really look mediocre after all of that recent KZ2 footage, I think so. Just being honest.

Nathan Drake3570d ago (Edited 3570d ago )

I was like "Alright,his Wife was just tortured by the Locust,and appears to have suffered significant brain damage.Now why the [email protected] did he just shoot his Wife in the head?"

Boldy3570d ago (Edited 3570d ago )


He shot her in the head so that she didn't have to deal with the pain anymore. He knew that she wasn't going to make it and by keeping her alive, he knew he was going to actually be hurting her more (physically).


He has a point but i still like gears2 over resistance 2 in every way.Graphics gears2 beats resistance 2 and the over all game gears2 is better. Read my profile b4 u think i am a 360 fan boy trying to be funny.I have both consoles.

Nathan Drake3570d ago

He had to execute her?

I suppose with that logic all humans tortured by Locust will either a)Die of unexplained causes or b)Be shot by their loved ones through the Skull...?

pswi603570d ago (Edited 3570d ago )

May 20th, 2008

Quote: "In an interview with OXM, Carlos Ferro (the actor hired to voice Dom Santiago in Gears of War 2) reiterated the fact that Gears 2's story will be much more emotional and deeper this time around. So much so that he feels it goes "beyond" what BioShock had to offer. "A lot happens" says Ferro, "it's going to be more emotionally effecting than BioShock."

Gears 2 is fun as hell, but the story couldn't live up 2 the hype.

Ace_Shooter3570d ago

hopefully the 3rd will have a better outcome with the story. i have not played the campaign, just horde mode (i got it as a gift exchange at work)(not a bad gift at all!! lol). but from reviews and gamers, the story is the only thing holding the game back from being truly epic. I personally do not like the real slow and heavy feel of the game. Just 2 notches faster imo would've been better. The gore and graphics are sweet though

Boldy3570d ago (Edited 3570d ago )


Some pain??? From the looks of it she had severe malnutrition and dehydration. She also had cuts and scars all over her face, and looked like she took quite a bit of trauma to the head. Now in a time of war when there is only one city left in which you have to destroy in order to save ALL HUMANKIND, would you rather have the game lead you out of the tunnels and take her to the hospital, putting the whole operation on hold and jeopardize the entire human race only to have her probably die anyways? Or would you have rather had him leave her there to die? It was clear that Dom had to make a decision and he had to put her to rest in order to stop her pain. The point of the locusts harnessing torture was to show them as ruthless merciless creatures that would love nothing more than to see the human race wiped out and take over Sera.

I'm not defending the entire story as a whole as I also thought it was weak (stronger than the first though), but I found this to be one of the story's more emotional and serious moment of the game. A part where a 12 year old would skip or not think twice of and where a mature person would actually see the weight of the decision he had to make. You seem to be forgetting that this came after the part where *still spoiler* Tai kills himself, which only cements the tremendous torture that they put these people through. If you remember, Tai was portrayed as indestructible and nothing could stop him until he got captured. Then when they find him he kills himself, and Maria had to go through a bit more time than Tai did which is saying something. I'm just stating the obvious and apparently most of this game went straight over your head.

Here's the video in case you need to re-watch it *Spoiler

uxo223570d ago

Honestly dude,

Did you play Gears 2? Or are you just talking. Honestly anyone (no matter how cliche it may have been) could easily tell why Dom killed his wife.

And for the guy that said the story was "ridiculous at best" that comment in itself is pretty ridiculous. I'll admit, Gears 2's story was no Clancy novel, however it was plenty entertaining for the purpose that it served. It's was interesting enough to keep me into the game. The purpose of the story was to take the gamer along for the ride. Not to provide for a 5 star blockbuster movie atmosphere. (no game has ever nor will ever created a "true" movie atmosphere. And at the same time provide for AAA gameplay.)

Me personally, I wanted to play a good game, not sit through a bunch of 30 minute cutscenes just so I get a good story under my belt. Too often people like the writer of the article overly judge thing and make a bigger deal out of it that what really needs to be made.

One more thing, Nathan & Chris399 what are your 360 gamertags. I'd like to play along with you when gears 3 comes out. Message me if you'd like.

Chris_GTR13570d ago (Edited 3570d ago )

the part where he shot her was really sad. i was like woahh i cant belive this is happening. if you laughed at that part then you must honestly be retarded. clearly the sony defence force is on full patrol tonight from the looks of this thread, over half the responces are ps3 only owners.

Aaron Greenturd3570d ago (Edited 3570d ago )


Ace_Shooter3570d ago (Edited 3570d ago )

thanks for the video. by the looks of the video (i have yet to play the full campaign) the story is actually pretty cool (just by that scene alone). MAYBE punk ass cliffy SHOULD'VE given the wife that 'cliche' line " ..k..kill me". BUT i agree his wife got F'd up (its a video game people, dont get sensitive on me) it was best for her.

Edit: MAYBE Nathan is saying what he's saying because his story was much much better (Uncharted) imo Uncharted's story is the shizznit heheh

pswi603570d ago

I don't mean to flame you man, but you are getting awfully defensive about this.

Gears 2 is a great game and MGS4 is a great game. But they are different. If you prefer the cover/shoot/kill style of Gears over the stealth/sneak/kill that's cool. But why get down on a ps3 game because you feel someone is getting down on a 360 game, that's kinda fanboyish IMHO.

I doubt Nathan has a 360 but I could be wrong.

Vavoom3570d ago

That's strange, I went back and read UXO's comment and he never mentioned the PS3 nor did he mention MSG4. He said something about sitting through 30 minute cutscenes, but that was just and example the he used (at least that's how I say it.)

So, IMHO you my friend are create something from nothing simply based on how you are interpreting his comment. You have thrown in two names "PS3" and "MSG4" and neither of them were mentioned by UXO. Perhaps you are trying to flame on him.

Nathan Drake3570d ago (Edited 3570d ago )

It was poor storytelling on the writers behalf,are you trying to tell me that every single human tortured by the Locust is going to die?Why would they die?Tai was tortured by the Locust,and the reason why he decided to kill himself was due to the his spiritual beliefs+the psychological damage of torture.This was not the case with Maria,she was clearly underfed thus the lack of energy and thus the inability to walk,the lack of food could have also been the reason why she could not recognize Dom at the moment.

"The point of the locusts harnessing torture was to show them as ruthless merciless creatures that would love nothing more than to see the human race wiped out and take over Sera."Why do they want to take over Sera?Imulsion?Feud with the COG?It's never,not once,clearly explained why the Locust WANT to kill all the humans,and if their sole aim was to wipe out every single human in existence,then why didn't they take down the Locust Queen?Did she not possess human genes...?Speaking of the Locust Queen,what exactly is she?And if she's the Queen,who's the King?Adam Fenix,a shadowy figure that Marcus attempts to locate for no proper reason at all...?

"but I found this to be one of the story's more emotional and serious moment of the game".Maybe I'm in the minority,but I found absolutely nothing emotional about that part.It was 'meant' to be emotional,but I just can't tear up when a man shoots his wife through the head while she could have survived.I just can't.

Honestly dude,Did you play Gears 2? Or are you just talking. Honestly anyone (no matter how cliche it may have been) could easily tell why Dom killed his wife."And I could easily tell how she could've survived.

"One more thing, Nathan & Chris399 what are your 360 gamertags. I'd like to play along with you when gears 3 comes out. Message me if you'd like."Do you honestly believe that a person who has not played Gears of War 2 would be able to hold a detailed conversation regarding Gears of War 2s storyline :) ?

Icecold333570d ago (Edited 3570d ago )

Great point vavoom. You are 100% correct. pswi60, what's up with that?

Edit: @nathan above, You're a doctor now? Where did you get the diagnosis for maria and tai. Perhaps you are begining to enjuy the story, sh!t you have details about it that I didn't even come up with.

Also, do you realize what the D-squad went through to get to that point? Please, explain who there were to get out alive while carrying a drooling, mal-fed, tortured female back to safety. Remember the scene before this one, please tell me how the story should have been written to keep maria alive.

How bout this, play the game first and then come back. Okay.

Nathan Drake3570d ago (Edited 3570d ago )

Actually,the details that you might have missed were all in Gears 1 and Gears 2,I do hope you didn't switch off your 360 before the end credits of Gears 2?

"the scene before this one, please tell me how the story should have been written to keep maria alive. "

First of all,the nonsense about her being kidnapped by Locust should have never existed in the first place,just because your Wife is missing during War doesn't mean she's been taken hostage by Aliens.So with that said,Maria=/=Never captured by Locust in the first place.

So now the question is,what should've been Marias story?Rather than Dom searching for Maria,what if it was the other way around?That is,what if Maria and a group of Stranded were trying to relocate with the Delta Squad,would this not make sense considering the D-Squad were always on the move,and would therefore,be difficult to track?

People need to stop pretending like Gears of War has a good storyline,tell me something,since Dom is tipped off that Maria was seen at the Hospital,how is this possible if she was captured UNDERGROUND by the Locust all along....?Or does she have a twin sister much like Benjamin Carmine had a twin brother?

See,the lack of a great storyline in the Gears of War franchise is why we're here having this discussion about what we,the gamers,could have done to make it better.Now hit those disagree buttons since denial is your only option when the truth is laid out in front of you :)

Edit @AceShooter below:Yep.The only logical explanation for her absence was "She along with a few other humans were captured by the Locust.We won't tell you how or why she was captured,she was just captured.Now go look for her".

Her,being captured by the Locust,was just a poor attempt by the writers to create a "save the princess!"scenario.

Ace_Shooter3570d ago

you do have a very good point with that post. WHY would they kidnap Maria?? does she hold a 'key'?? what makes her special?? you do have a very very good point. Cliffy does need to be more creative with his story telling rather than just saying "oh lets just throw her in there with little to no explanation as to why toe locust tortured her" Maybe she had a 'look' that turned them on?? i dunno...but it is pretty stupid

Aaron Greenterd3570d ago (Edited 3570d ago )

Quote: "The purpose of the story was to take the gamer along for the ride. Not to provide for a 5 star blockbuster movie atmosphere. (no game has ever nor will ever created a "true" movie atmosphere. And at the same time provide for AAA gameplay.)

Me personally, I wanted to play a good game, not sit through a bunch of 30 minute cutscenes just so I get a good story under my belt."

So what he is talking about is not MGS4? Cause that's the only game you 360 fanboys call a "movie" and has 30 minute cutscenes.

lord_of_balrogs3570d ago

Did you happen to read the novelization Aspho Fields? I did and I might disagree your views on the story but you know enough of it that you did indeed play it.

As for Adam, basically the whole reason Marcus is in prison is because he deserted to look for daddy. His dad was a d1ck but he dedicated his whole life to Sera, when he asked Marcus to help him, Marcus knew that it was obviously important if his dad wanted him to desert. That said, Marcus didn't make it in time to find his dad.

I believe all the plot points in 1 and 2 will be answered in Gears3. Say, how did tunnel data end up in Adam's home, how did Adam's recording end up in nexus, what is the goal of the Locust, and why is the Queen human. I see Gears2 as the equivilent of Halo2.

Oh Anthony isn't Ben's twin. Think Saving Private Ryan. There are 4 Carmine brothers in the military and no where has it been stated that they are twins. I'm a hundred percent sure #3 Carmine will die and somehow Delta will have to rescue #4.

pswi603570d ago (Edited 3570d ago )

that's what I got out of uxo22's comments, and it makes sense, this being a 360 article he can play to the 360 fanboys' hatred of MGS4 by saying what he did, without actually mentioning "MGS4"

they think they are sooooo smart.

/edit: "The purpose of the story was to take the gamer along for the ride."

Is that not the purpose of any story? So because uxo22 didn't want to watch the story of MGS4 unfold, that means Gears is better?

It doesn't change the fact that Gears 2 story wasn't that good, and it doesn't change the fact that uxo22 is getting emotionally defensive about what Nathan is saying, and like I already said, I doubt Nathan has a ps3, but I could be wrong

Nathan Drake3570d ago (Edited 3570d ago )

"I see Gears2 as the equivilent of Halo2."And this is exactly why I stated below:"GeOW2s story simply served as a notification of Gears of War 3".

Yet all the bright ones still doubt I've played the game.

And with that,I'm Ghost.

bassturd3570d ago

I agree I quite enjoyed the campaign. It had fun action and I enjoyed the characters. The story itself was...bleh. But I bought Gears for the action, not the story, and I came away satisfied. I bought MGS4 for the story and action and came away satisfied.

Just know what you are buying and there is nothing to complain about.

uxo223570d ago

I tried ignoring you at first because you said that you weren't trying to flame on me. (Which is cool, I don't care if you flame on my or not.) The 30 minute cute scene comment was made to bridge the gap between a good storyline and a movie (you must admit, if a video game has 15 - 30 minute cut scenes in it, those cut scenes are bordering on mini movies.) Because for me to make a story good, you're going to need some time to get your audience caught up in the story; Thus the long cut scenes.

I initially was even thinking about MSG4. I played MSG4 and really enjoyed it. The cut scenes in MSG4 were interesting to me because they help me to tie the past MSG stories together. So they served their purpose and it worked. But how does anyone expect for a first person action shooter with all the action of gears 2 to truly carry a blockbuster story and still maintain a very high level of action?

You guys are speaking of gears 2 as if it were a movie that failed.

As for your silly little comment about me getting emotional about the garbage that was being spewed out by Nathan; no my friend, it'll take a little more than that to get me emotionally caught up.

You appear to be the one getting emotional, especially being that this is your second pass at me. Both of which were unprovoked. But that's cool, I explained to you what my intensions were, and whether you believe them or not I really don't care.

pswi603570d ago

well, in reality I only addressed you once; one of your buddies then addressed me and then I addressed him, so while I understand you want to feel like I've been taking shots at you while you stand mature and unwavering, that's just a lie.

as far as you saying you weren't even thinking about MGS4, that's funny because the way you worded your emotional response to Nathan, it was like you were subliminally attacking me crazy.

But yeah I don't really care what you think, so you can stop talking now. Thanks.

phosphor1123570d ago

Gears 2 wasn't riddled with glitches like Gears 1 (thought it still has some). But because it doesn't have AS many, (no game breaking ones atleast) you can enjoy the gameplay. I have to agree...the story was, idk, horrible. Everyone knew Carmine was gonna die...just like the other 1 in Gears 1. I Lots of things really didn't fall into place. While the campaign was cool (almost drowning in blood anyone?) it could have been a lot better. Also when on a Brumak or in the Tank thing, there would be about 20 Locusts on screen..that stood there, half of them (if that) were shooting. What happened to the hundreds of locusts on screen in those demos? They under delivered with this one in my opinion.

agareen3570d ago

he shoots her in da hed coz shez goin through a massive amount of pain and she cant even show it. chek wat happend to tai. he shot himself afta just a few days in da locust torture chamber. i rekon da story and gameplay were awsome. da online is a bit broken though. horde is awsome.

pixelsword3570d ago

First the Resistance 2 review and now this.

Wheez, man! Did it take them that long to figure out their conclusion?

Aloren3570d ago

@ Carbide7 : It's just you... "mediocre" ? plz...

About Maria, considering that the huge unstoppable tattooed tank guy comes out of the box and shots himself after just a few hours in there, what would you do with a 100lbs woman trapped in there for god knows how long ? He really had no choice but to either leave her there in her zombie-like state or shoot her...

Chris3993569d ago

I have better things to do than fabricate the fact that I have a 360 - my apologies if that wasn't how you comment was intended. If you need further clarification as to why I thought the story sucked see my comment further down - "2.10". Vavoom took it upon himself to imply that I hadn't played the game because I thought the story was wretched. I would NEVER offer my opinion on something unless I had experienced it myself. I'm bot a blind fanboy, I don't possess a fervent loyalty towards any company or brand. And I'm also not blind. A poor script is a poor script.

You can add me if ya want, but I've been much more DS/ PSP/ PS3 lately. Did they fix Gears 2 multi-player yet? If they did maybe I'll give that a try.

- C


gears 2 story was as hopeless as hopeless gets...

yes it did make me laugh, because i remember one of the epic dev's saying something about " we hope the gamers enjoy the story and we have put a lot into it.. blah, blah, blah.. " what a joke !

I just can't wait for part 3... its so obvious whats going on;

Marcus's Dad has been shaggin the locus queen... why else would he be on her laptop ! you think Dom crying was funny, wait till Marcus has a crack at it..

Bob Dole3569d ago

Oh come on guys with the disagrees. Bob Dole thinks that video is hilarious.

u got owned3569d ago

At least the story is better than the first one, in my book that's an improvement.

Helghast3569d ago (Edited 3569d ago )

DAMN! I watched the video that boldy posted of the Dom and Maria cutscene and I though it was pretty good. Dom had great facial expressions and voice acting but there were a couple slightly cheesy moments with Marcus.

I only played the beginning of Gears 2 and never got too far since my launch-360 RRoD and my warranty is over. I just did a couple tricks to make it temporally work so I could sell it to my sorta-friend. He called me the next day and was like "OMG! My 360 broke I'm so sad. I have such bad luck!"

I heard such good things about gears 2 that I almost want to get another 360 to play it.

Resistance 2 massively disappointed me so Gears 2 is probably better. I prefer PS3 over 360 but I have to admit that Gears 2 looks fvcking awesome!

MiloGarret3569d ago

Its very obvious from your comments here that a lot of you claiming to have played the game are lying, basing their argumentation on things they've read online and/or videos on youtube. And just so you know, it's kinda pathetic.

The story is stupid yes, we all know that, 99% of video games have retarded stories, duh, this is perhaps slightly worse than average but pretty much the standard.

Hey, why is Nathan Drake in EVERY SINGLE Geow2 article bashing left and right? It's weird really...

ThanatosDMC3569d ago

That was a great find! "Where's my WIFE?!" then chomps her head.

Helghast3569d ago (Edited 3569d ago )

I said GOOD things about Gears 2 dumbazz!

But according to you, me saying "His voice acting and facial expressions are great!" and "I want to go get a 360 just for Gears 2" is bashing LOL!

Your logic:

Gears 2 has great animations and voice acting = Bashing

I want to go get a 360 just for Gears 2 = Bashing

You are very, VERY stupid

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Nathan Drake3570d ago

GeOW2s story simply served as a notification of Gears of War 3,it was mediocre with nothing but clichés left and right.

The single-player gameplay was very good,and even though Epic Games ripped off Resident Evil 4 and GOW II,they still created a highly enjoyable single player experience.

"And yet here's the even crazier thing: I think the weak story made the game better."I STRONGLY disagree.STRONGLY.You can't tell me a weak story in an Action game with great gameplay made the gameplay even greater,that's just BS.

That's like me saying if The Matrix didn't have a great story it would be awesome x100.

Chris3993570d ago (Edited 3570d ago )

If 1/2 your target sales audience is 15 y/o and under, you don't want to be bombarding them with mature, philosophical themes.

Give them guns, and monsters with sharp appendages. And teach them that the way to fix things is with a big bomb, a "light-bomb" if you will. Oh, and teach them to shoot your wife in the head if she ever gets sick or something.

Seriously, the story is THAT silly.

- C

Cajun Chicken3570d ago (Edited 3570d ago )

There are actually cases with a few games like Crackdown and EFD2017 on the 360 (which hardly no one cares about unlike the hype of Gears and online Halo) in this case, really good fun, hardly no plot.

But Gears, I'm afraid that can't be pigeonholed into the same thing and it shoots it's own foot in that respect because of the attempt of realistic, gritty graphics against the lack of a decent background, characters or plot makes that the rest stick out like a sore thumb and an uncompleted product with the attitude of a bunch of team 'dudes' from a 80's saturday morning cartoon fused with rusty chainsaws and 'The Evil Dead' type gore. Some people could say;

"Sure, its like a John Carpenter/George Romero/Sam Raimi movie, cheesy but entertaining."

But I'd personally say, its a series that doesn't know what the heck its real identity is (A gritty cinematic game or just a alien killathon) and trying too hard in all departments.

EDIT: @Nathan
I'm only judging this with Gears1, I'm not remotely interested in playing Gears2 after that or at least paying to play it. I'm a character and narrative man, if a game takes itself too seriously if not doing a good job on both areas of storyline, it's a game I don't like.

Nathan Drake3570d ago

Some of the moments in the game literally felt like they were specifically there for 10 Year Olds,the Worm level was basically a short Biology lesson provided by Epic Games.

GiantEnemyCrab3570d ago (Edited 3570d ago )

Chris: This is an "M" rated game so there is no question that the audience wasn't going to be 15 y/o and under.

Would people really want to sit thru 5-10 minute cut-scenes talking about the philosophical effects of the Locust vs COG war? This is a straight up action game and I would compare it like I did in my comment below to something like a Michael Bay movie or a Die Hard. The story add's enough context to keep what you are doing relevant.

lord_of_balrogs3570d ago

What were you expecting the story to be? Atonement? No Country for Old Men. I watch movies such as Die Hard 4, and the Spirit to get my action buzz not to cry my eyes out.

That said, the story was a massive improvement over the original, it had decent storytelling and I felt like actually I cared for the characters. Gears one was just one endless grindfest to another with the occasional message from control. Also, anyone catch the Southpark parody? Like Kenny in South Park, every Carmine is destined to die in each game of Gears of War.

Seriously, even great stories with great voice actors, games such as MGS4 had cheesy plot points. Nanites anyone?

I immensely enjoyed #2 over the original and I like direction Cliffy B took.

BIGBAER3570d ago

To save my self from explaining twice look for my post further below. Gears does exactly what it is supposed to and in a way others can only hope to emulate.

Read my post @ #15

Vavoom3570d ago

First Nathan and Chris399 both don't really sound like they have actually played this game.

Second, There is a trend here, the people that are calling the story weak for the most part are PS3 fans (go figure)

Third, I play MSG4 and although I enjoyed it, there were several time during the game that I lost my edge because of long cutscenes. There were a few times that after watching a cutscene I turn off the PS3 because I didn't want to play anymore. (lost my edge)

So give me a "Game" with non-stop action over a movie with a little video game thrown in any day.

Shepherd 2143570d ago

could be wrong but sounds like nathan drake got his story info from wikipedia and probably has never if not barely played the game.

anyways, if you take the time to notice, Dom's wife has a massive stitch line going across her head, whic is a good indication that the locust performed some kinda crude brain surgery to her, and has messed her mind all to hell. so not only is she feeling pain, but her mind is totally jacked now. Id rather my wife me dead than a walking corpse with no brain.

Gears 2 story wasnt amazing, but it was good, and it got the job done. The only good story on PS3 is MGS 4 anyways. Resistance is boring as hell and Drakes Fortune wants to be Indiana Jones and Tomb Raider so bad it wants to burst.

thewhoopimen3570d ago (Edited 3570d ago )

If any of you guys really believe that Geow2's story was a masterstroke, you need to get your brains checked. That game had some of the best gameplay moments ever, but to read that this is a huge improvement over geow1... I can only shake my head...

Like the author of this article said... who the f*** saves humanity by sinking it's last bastion into the locust city and since when was the locust city conveniently located under jacinto the whole f**kin time. Oh yeah... new characters Dizzy and Bishop have literally 30 second cameos. The only character with an arc in this whole game is Dom and his solution to saving his wife is shooting her in the head. oh yea that's after watching bishop shoot himself in the head. How do you feel for any of these characters when none of them except Dom (by a hair) have NO back story. Oh yeah Marcus Fenix's mysterious dad who must've boinked the locust queen.

The first game played well to its mystery. This game played to every "dead" giveaway in the book. No surprises. Sorry.
Again some of the best gameplay moments i had this year but story was utter bologna.

Chris3993570d ago (Edited 3570d ago )

Look it up and note that I have played Gears of War and ALL of the other games that I mention in ALL of my posts.

Being a blind fan-boy gets you no where in life. Defending a corporation or companies shoddy storytelling/ over-hype or marketing just reveals how puerile your mind is.

If you honestly though that Gears of War was a masterpiece, than you need to read more.

As gamers, as adults, we should DEMAND better stories in our games. For Chrissakes, we are paying on average $70 for a piece of entertainment.

There are good action flics, "Shoot em Up", for example that are cleverly scripted, full of action and that drive the plot forward in unforseen ways (Monica Belluci giving a man a bj for, and quote: "money for the baby" - priceless).

Then there are films made with Jean Claude Van Damme.

Gaming will never move forward as a respectable source of entertainment until we stop pandering to juvenile tastes. I am a 30 y/o man who has been gaming most of his life, and while I don't expect everything I pop in my PS360 to be Shakespeare, I would at least like it not to be written for a 15 y/o; with enough blood and guns thrown in to garner an "M" rating.


P.S. Bioshock is a good example of a thinking man's shooter/ action game. It has it's flaws, but it was damn interesting from start to finish. The story in Gears of War was drivel written by a spastic developer stuck in his teenage years (Cliffy B) who is probably as gay as they come. Not that that is an issue in the least (being gay), but it certainly explains all the beef-jack marines.


well said chris...

I agree with you 100%.

that is why personally i rate Dead space over gears 2 in the single player.

I was so board and turned off by gears 2 that i still have not finished the game yet. i am like on the second to last stage. on the other hand i have finished dead space 3 times now. I found the story much more enjoyable, hence i wanted to experience it again and again..

on another note, put your hands up if you think Marcus's dad has been shaggin the Locust Queen.

militant073569d ago (Edited 3569d ago )

Nathen i know

you mean 2 gears 2 should have a solid story like resistance 2.

MiloGarret3569d ago

Did Geow2 kill your family? You are clearly obsessed with this game, you just can't stop saying negative things about it can you? Believe me, there are a lot of games out there that I detest, but you don't see me in every related article bashing them, and repeating the same crap I've said a 10000 times in other threads. You hate Geow2, ok, we all get it. Move on.

And no, I'm not questioning your right to speak your mind, I'm questioning your motives.

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unicorndeathcamp3570d ago

after playing cod 4. hopefully kz2 blows me away, i need it

SAiOSiN3570d ago

He says how he wishes there would be the game with THE story and gameplay to back it up. I think we already have a few of those. These are some that were on the top of my head.
Mass Effect

Veneno3570d ago

The gameplay in Mass Effect got very stale toward the end, but it was the main story line that kept me playing to the end. ME2 should be amazing.

MGS series is the perfect package of gameplay, storytelling, and sweet graphics. I also really like how ME and MGS actually have women in their games doing all the things that men can do. It's much more realistic and relatable. I swear that the characters in Gears give it to each other when we're not looking.

I played Gears 1 because there was nothing else out at the time, but I completely skipped Gears 2, eventhough I have a modded 360 and could burn it for free, because I knew that I wouldn't be missing much at all.


you need to add dead space to that...

I thought it was quite the norm to start with, but i must say the twist at the end, really got me going and wondering what the next game was going to follow up on.

Carbide73570d ago

This page is a spoiler-fest

Bob Dole3569d ago

Good thing all Bob Dole does in Gears is play Horde :)