Apple Vision Pro "Crackgate" intensifying as users share horror stories

Some Apple Vision Pro users are experiencing mysterious cracks on their headsets, so much so that it's started "Crackgate" on social media.

H978d ago

Apple Sheeps will tell you how that's a good thing

RhinoGamer8878d ago

With tax, over $3900...
Apple has some cajones, but the rich drones will buy it any.

OtterX78d ago

It should be called Crackgate bc anyone spending $3900 on this headset must be smoking some serious Crack.

GamingSinceForever78d ago

Or they can just afford it. Not everyone is living check to check.

thorstein77d ago

If they can spend $3900, they're probably snorting coke.

CrimsonWing6978d ago

It’s got some impressive tech though. Comparatively speaking to buying a Mac mini and 4k display, is this that much worse price-wise?

Number1TailzFan77d ago

If Apple end up making household robots (which appear to be on their way) you just know they'd price them much higher than the competition, it'd be like Android Vs Apple again.

kneon77d ago

and there would be subscription fee

Chocoburger78d ago

If Steve Jobs were still alive he'd confidently tell people that, "you're wearing it wrong". 🙄

Tacoboto78d ago

Steve Jobs would've never released a product that has you pocket a battery connected by a cord. He would've shamed whoever came up with that idea

DarXyde78d ago

I'd have to agree.

I do use a MacBook Pro and think it's a great piece of hardware for my lifestyle and occupation, but I'm not at all a fan of Jobs as a person.

That said, I'm feeling pretty sure he'd rather wait another ten years to release the first headset than make you walk around with a pocket battery. If that possibility never came, I don't think he'd release a headset at all.

Whatever we think of Jobs, he really made conscious efforts to do something different, which I can appreciate.

DogJosha77d ago

Him and Bill Gates literally made their way by taking from others. They were far from creative. The iPhone was said to be the first of its kind yet others existed for years before it. All he did was bring it over to the US.

He would probably held them to a higher standard though.

chobit_A5HL3Y78d ago

that's why you don't jump the bandwagon on new tech. you spend potentially thousands of dollars to not only look like a tool in public, but also look like a fool when stuff like this happens lol

jznrpg78d ago (Edited 78d ago )

I like VR but 3500$ is stupid. It should have absolutely no issues at that price. Happy with
My PSVR2 and it has had no issues at all (though I want first party games)

rippermcrip78d ago

Trying to bash Apple VR and then using PSVR2 as one of your points is asinine. Sure it costs less, but it has no support and is already dead in the water.

thesoftware73078d ago

Sorry to break it to you man, PSVR2 is dead.

As far as this apple headset, the thing was dead in the water as soon as they said $3500.

thorstein77d ago


Oculus Rift launched in 2013. PSVR 2016. PSVR2 2023. I have been hearing that VR has been dead since 2014.

When is VR dead? Just give us all a date so we know when.

thesoftware73078d ago

Sorry to break it to you man, PSVR2 is dead. A waste of $550 for certain.

As far as this apple headset, the thing was dead in the water as soon as they said $3500.

ChasterMies78d ago

Funny, I was playing a game on PSVR2 earlier this week. Still plenty of games left!

Profchaos78d ago (Edited 78d ago )

You want it to be dead and you want people's investments to rot so you can stand back like I told you so.

it's not dead yet I'll admit it's not where I'd like it to be but it's still getting games just not big budget first party games Sony seems happy to pay third parties to build games for the headset like Capcom

GamingSinceForever78d ago

@ProfChaos…Boy that sounds eerily similar to the problems that PSVR 1 had. So what made you buy this one? I learned my lesson. I don’t buy any of Sony’s gimmicks because historically they don’t support them long or well enough.

thorstein77d ago (Edited 77d ago )


PSVR1 launched in 2016. 8 years ago.

Sony just released info that they are adding PC support for PSVR 2.

PSVR 2 was last year. Ripper says it is "dead in the water."

Oculus Rift was 2013.

Can you all just give us a date please. We want to know when we are all supposed to stop playing VR. I've been hearing the same claims that it is a gimmick and it's dead since 2014. It is now 2024.

Just give us a date so we know when.

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