Is "3X DVD" HD DVD's secret weapon against Blu-ray?

While the Blu-ray camp is busy claiming victory, recently HD DVD supporters seem to be circling the wagons around an old friend, the -- 'til now -- unused 3X DVD technology. HD DVD has always claimed it holds a price advantage over Blu-ray, by way of offering low cost upgrades for existing DVD manufacturing processes. The 3X DVD spec takes that a step further.

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joemutt4260d ago

I dont think they will bite.

I will let someone else be the guinee pig for this war,

I will not gamble my money on either format, I wont buy the HD add on for the 360, and If I had a PS3 I wouldnt buy a single BR movie. In a few years I will feel confident in my purchase, but right now its still a gamble.

Call me old fashioned, but I watch movies at the theater, and only own a few DVD's that people gave me or left at my house. An alternate ending is hardly worth the price of a DVD for a movie you have already seen.

FeralPhoenix4260d ago

on another article about HD DVD not putting up a fight, I guess anything they did would help, but like I said they need to ramp up the marketing sales pitch and make sure consumers know that for the same quality HD movies, HD DVD players have the price advantage....hell I think they could even make HD DVD players for around 300 if they really want to up the ante against Blu-ray, "HD DVD needs to get up or lay down."

Marty83704260d ago

Also when it says that it's not compatible with Bluray.Why not? Every Blu-ray player on the market including PS3 is backward compatible with DVD so I can't see this not been the case with 3x DVD.If it follows the same specs as DVD then they is no reason why it should'nt be.

FordGTGuy4260d ago

Blu-Ray uses a blue laser that is only capable of reading Blu-Ray discs but some Blu-Ray players including the PS3 have another red laser to read dvd. As the article says a HD-DVD red laser(which is different from the red laser used in a dvd player) is required to read 3X DVD in other words the PS3 nor any other Blu-Ray player has the correct red laser in order to read these kinds of discs.

Merovee4260d ago (Edited 4260d ago )

Actually ford PS3 does use it's blue laser to read DVD. Even if it didn't HD-DVD also uses a Blue/Violet Laser only with a different aperture. So the color still wouldn't matter. The secondary pick-up would be needed by both if blue lasers were incapable of reading red laser substrates.

xfrgtr4260d ago

It only shows how desperate Toshiba is,HDDVD is dying and they know it so they are playing their last cards by confusing the consumer even more and downgrading the quality,content and resolution

FordGTGuy4260d ago (Edited 4260d ago )

A CD stores information in trenches on the surface of the CD. Blu-Ray discs have much smaller and many more trenches making more space. HD-DVD is in between the trench size of Blu-Ray and DVD. The laser must be focused more in order to read the the smaller size trenches meaning its impossible for Blu-Ray to read HD-DVD or DVD and vice versa. The PS3 doesn't read DVDs using the Blu-Ray laser and if it did its the only Blu-Ray laser in existence that does.

just go to and see for yourself.

Merovee4260d ago (Edited 4260d ago )

Just go anywhere to find out that bluray read&write heads are compatible with CD, DVD, and Blu-ray without the need for a second head. The narrower laser would still be able to inlet into the warps of any current red laser pits due to it's smaller nature. As long as the chip controlling it is programmed to recognize the different pattern it can read it.

On a side note. Blu-ray started this Idea as well, not HD-DVD. It's been on Wikipedia for months. Go to enter Blu-Ray in the search. The topic of Compatibility and beyond addresses the matter. And a referrence to footnote 20 Shows the Blu-Ray development of the Idea announced since 05-2006.

But a rousing "Way To Go" to HD-DVD for being late to the party again.

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