Urban Chaos: Riot Response - Rocksteady Before the Bat

Rocksteady Studios has earned fame through its Batman titles, but before Bruce Wayne was a cult classic FPS - Urban Chaos: Riot Response.

DefenderOfDoom281d ago

I remember having a great time playing Urban Chaos on PS2 .

ModsDoBetter80d ago

One of my fave PS2 games of all time.

MrBaskerville80d ago (Edited 80d ago )

Didn't know Urban Chaos got a sequel, interesting!
After checking, apparently it's not a sequel to the ps1 game, just a game with the same title.

Abnor_Mal80d ago

Were you also thinking of a game where you play as an African American female cop? Because that’s the only game that ever comes to mind when I hear Urban Chaos, but I don’t remember anything much about it except some training driving a car in a parking lot.

DefenderOfDoom280d ago

I did not know there was a Urban Chaos different game on PS1 . I only found out and bought Urban Chaos for PS2 because pictures on box looked good when I was in Gamestop around 2007

Skuletor80d ago

I only played the demo on one of those Official Playstation Magazine discs back in the day but I remember liking it. I only bought the magazines for the demo discs tbh, lol.

isarai80d ago

Loved this game so much, actually my first online gaming experience. Damn I might emulate it actually, I'd love to see this in higher fidelity


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Poroz2694d ago

Why can't you put them all on 1 page. You even went out of your way to make each picture look like it was part of a slide show, When it is clearly changing web pages.

AcidDvl2693d ago


I bought that game on the ps2 and loved it.
Who would guess that Rocksteady were about to achieve greatness?