Sony studio Firesprite has been shedding talent amidst accusations of toxic culture, staff say

Eurogamer writes: "Sony-acquired studio Firesprite has recently suffered high profile exits amid accusations of a toxic workplace culture, Eurogamer has been told, as part of an investigation into the studio begun ahead of the layoffs announced by Sony this week."

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Neonridr86d ago

I hope whatever unannounced project they have going for them is still moving forward. Would hate to see this studio go down the drain as that would be a huge blow to the PSVR2 headset.

Abnor_Mal86d ago

PSVR2 already suffered a huge blow already with the closing of London Studio, anymore closures and the headset will just be good for PC users.

Kane2286d ago

neither studios were making PSVR2 games. so it didn't hurt PSVR2 at all

Abnor_Mal86d ago

@Kane22 While correct neither studio was currently making a PSVR2 game, it still hurts the PSVR2 because now Sony has one less in-house VR developer.

Now we will never get a PSVR2 update to Blood and Truth, which some people were looking forward to hearing some kind of news.

Cacabunga85d ago

Sony has reached an all time low this gen with their management and lack of 1st party games

ModsDoBetter85d ago

PSVR2 is a failure.

No matter what the fanboys in denial say, the proof is there.

anast85d ago

It wasn't a huge blow for VR games.

Babadook785d ago (Edited 85d ago )

“PSVR2 is a failure.

No matter what the fanboys in denial say,”

No it’s not but your beloved Xbox sure is. PSVR2 is how I play almost all my content and it’s been a phenomenal first year. It’s not a failure yet and if Sony keeps it up it never will be.

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purple10186d ago (Edited 86d ago )

Best to always spread positivity mate
Even when times are hard, or news is bad, try

VincentVanBro85d ago

??? you completely misunderstood the comment you replied to lol

senorfartcushion85d ago

That stuff isn't going to ever happen to me so I don't care

Why are you so afraid though?

Anyway, you're ok. This is only something that happens in high-paying jobs. I doubt you have a high paying job

InUrFoxHole85d ago

Whelp... You gave it the old college try. Maybe next time?

CrashMania86d ago

If hope this can get sorted out, seemingly way too many egos and power trip people in gaming.

Duke1985d ago

Seriously - its wild how seemingly big of a problem it is in the gaming industry. Almost every article on the topic seems include some level of toxic culture.

Fishy Fingers86d ago

"While sources say Sony dismissed these complaints as a misunderstanding, Eurogamer understands some of those involved explored legal options to take the matter further, and have since received a financial payout from Sony. "


ModsDoBetter85d ago

Sony dismissing complaints.
Not a good look.

85d ago
mastershredder85d ago

Firesprite not being able to handle their own environment and people is not the good look. Don't pass the buck.

ModsDoBetter85d ago

Pass the buck?
Had this been an Xbox studio, you know fine well what narrative you'd push @shredder.

Have some consistency.

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