RPGfan : Secret of Mana Virtual Console Review

Patrick Gann writes "Playing through one of my favorite childhood RPGs 15 years after its original release sent me reeling in a crisis of memory. I remembered a vibrant, colorful world with a scope and scale that was larger than I could grasp, and with a difficulty level that forced me to do my very best. Now, I find a game that is charming, but very small. Exploration is limited, and there is virtually no challenge left. Perhaps I, and all of us, have become spoiled by the progress the genre has made.

But there was a time, should you want to relive it (or experience for the first time, if you missed out on this 1993 classic), that this was unequivocally the best action RPG available to English-speaking gamers. Come join me on a nostalgia-filled adventure–my Secret of Mana review."

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