EA Sports WRC Crashing Due to Leap Year; Here's How to Fix

EA Sports WRC seems to crash on start up and it's all due to today being a Leap Year with February having more days than usual.


EA Sports WRC VR Support Crosses the Finish Line in April

Codemasters has confirmed that the upcoming VR support for EA Sports WRC on PC will be launching in late April 2024.

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jimb0j0nes18d ago

Any racing game is awesome in VR, but this is gonna feel WILD

Dfooster18d ago

No PSVR2 support yet again from EA. I'm sorry but its just not good enough.

UltimateOwnage17d ago

I can’t wait for the dedicated VR upgrade. I was able to mod it for VR, but it’s never as nice to play a modded game as one with native VR support.


Why The EA SPORTS WRC Team Restored A Historic Rally Car

In the hunt for authentic sound, the developers of the EA SPORTS WRC game went to extraordinary lengths by restoring a real-world legendary rally car.


Best Racing Game of 2023

VGChartz's Craig S: "2023 was something of a strange and surprising year for the racing genre, at least when it came to our Nominees for Best Racing Game of 2023. There were unexpected changes to long-established series, fruitful reunions, and highly unexpected returns. The WRC license went to EA and subsidiary Codemasters for the first time in over 20 years, resulting in one of the most acclaimed WRC titles in years; the mainline Forza Motorsport series made its long-awaited return after a gap of six years; F-Zero went one further by getting a new entry almost 19 years(!) after the last one; and Hot Wheels Unleashed 2 built upon the solid foundation of the first title to create a new series that's not to be slept on."

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