Gamespot: Legends of WrestleMania Hands-On

In front of a crowd of 93,173 screaming fans, Hulk Hogan enters the ring, looking even more hulking and muscular than you might remember. His opponent is the gargantuan Frenchman, Andre the Giant. If you're a long-time wrestling fan, you might remember this match-up like it was yesterday, and surely you remember the finisher: After several attempts, the Hulkster manages to pick the big man up and slam him to the mat. After dropping the leg on him, it's 1-2-3, and Hulkamania runs wild as Hogan defends his WWF Championship belt. Only this time around, when Hulk tries to get the big man up, he falters, Andre's feet won't leave the ground, and the Hulkster grabs his back in agony. Then Andre balls up his mighty fist and strikes him down, lays down for the pin, and wrestling history is rewritten. Welcome to Legends of WrestleMania.

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