EDGE: Examining PS3's Value Message

Sony fired the latest salvo in the console war last week with a chart that spelled out, from Sony's perspective, the value of the three current videogame consoles.

Shockingly, Sony found that PS3 was the better value by $50-$100 compared to Xbox 360. The market-leading Wii, with its $250 price tag, undercuts PS3, but according to Sony, Wii "lacks enhanced features" like media playback and high-definition visuals. So the value supposedly isn't there.

Before EDGE picks apart just how effective this sort of marketing tactic actually is, let's revisit Sony's chart to see the company's view on which console really does offer the best "value." (Sony used the entry-level package of all three consoles.)

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wil4hire3660d ago (Edited 3660d ago )

Why is this again? Oh, because Edge is NOT biased. Right? I'm all confused.

Just hurry up and flop Killzone2. We all know its coming.

Sony isn't allowed to market their products I guess.

resistance1003660d ago

I wouldn't call Edge, Pro-Xbox. More Pro-Nintendo. At least thats the impression i got over the years after reading there magazines.

POGfinder3660d ago

they are pro MS and also pro Nintendo

EDGE,Eurogamer, Gamespot, GT (owned by MS),1up ---these are serious SONY haters

I just hope they go bankrupt which seems very likely since 2m people in US will lose their jobs in 2009

GWAVE3660d ago

*Currently awaiting the article where EDGE addresses Microsoft's many many ridiculous PR statements in the past*

InMyOpinion3660d ago (Edited 3660d ago )

"Despite the Internet message board uproar that this comparison effectuated, the argument is actually fairly reasonable, in terms of bang-for-the-buck, and does point out some weaknesses in competitor’s offerings. To me, the main turn-off in the Microsoft column isn’t the $50 Xbox Live fee or even the non-standard hard drive, but (and I think many of you will agree with this) that damn $100 proprietary Wi-Fi adapter."

Oooh, he so bashes the PS3 lol! I thought it was a level-headed and fun article, he bashes charts and not any console in particular.

You guys are acting so defensive that it's becoming sad.

SL1M DADDY3660d ago

To see how the media lets all the MS PR crap slide yet the second Sony speaks up they jump all over them, even despite the fact that the chart they put out is nearly 100% correct. So what? Is it not ok for Sony to promote their product?

SaiyanFury3660d ago

Microsoft markets the Arcade 360 as appealing to gamers that don't want the complete HD experience and to them they do well. For people that are wanting full HD functionality from their PS3 purchase, the PS3 does just that. Wireless media server interface, built in Wi-Fi, interchangeable HDD, the PS3 is the best value for the money for people seeking the HD experience. Want to watch a Blu-ray? You can do that on your 1080p HDTV. MS is selling optional components with the hopes that 360 owners will strive for the HD experience. Xbox Live has Netflix as a service, but as a person that only has access to 1.5mbps, I cannot view streaming because I don't have the bandwidth. The PS3 is a great value for the money and I invite all naysayers to look at it and adopt it.

gaffyh3659d ago

This is an extremely unprofessional article, it seems like the guy got annoyed that Sony said something bad about MS, which imo is true (and I have a 360). Sony didn't even include extra costs like, Play & Charge Kits (which cost ~$25, so if you have 2 controllers it would be $50, although you can just get a battery for ~$15 for one).

Seriously though he writes the article like a complete fanboy, anyone with half a brain cell can see that the PS3 is more value for money, the only reason the 360 sells more is because the consumer doesn't know how much value for money the PS3 actually is, they just look at 360's price tag...

mint royale3659d ago

would be from people who hadn't actually read the article and then shouted their mouths off about bias from websites. Give me a break. You have no proof and its just pathetic that criticism cannot be took. This is a reasonable article if you read it.

However I agree the sheer number of ps3 doom articles was out of hand but articles like this are not biased they are merely discussing the current hot topic and if you don't like the conclusion it doesn't mean the whole world is biased against sony or Microsoft paid everyone. It sounds pathetic.

Godmars2903659d ago (Edited 3659d ago )

Its about how any claim from Sony is picked apart while anything MS says is largely accepted w/o comment.

The Arcade SKU is a poor choice if you're an average, casual gamer who's not expecting to pay more as they go online or use DLC, and yet its the most talked about model. The most recommended.

On the other hand, the Wii is exactly what its advertised to be, so asides from not having expandable memory for its game channel DLs, so its value is exactly what it is.

IdleLeeSiuLung3659d ago

I must add that the Edge article has some good points and are focusing on an arguably odd way to market a console. I don't remember seeing any value table in the past marketing from MS or Nintendo. Perhaps that is why it is being picked apart. I think it was a fair discussion.

Granted the 360 Arcade has limited hardware features, it still beats both the Wii (except for WiFi and motion sensing) and PS2 which is really their competitor in that price range. PS3 is in a different market segment altoghter. How many people would consider getting a PS3 with all it's features and then go to the store and buy a 360 Arcade. That person probably has a HDTV and a nice sound system and will not be happy about the 360. The 360 plays game for $200, but if you want a multimedia center then get a PS3. Sony has time and time again re-iterated this, the PS3 is a multimedia device not necessarily a gaming console only.

Ju3659d ago

This article is ridiculous. I mean, Sony got a point there. They market their value proposition.

Every console can market their own stronghold. Simple. Sony has this.

If you really want to counter it, you can:

360: Cheapest entry in HD gaming
Wii: Unique motion controller and game play with distinct gaming portfolio
PS3: HD gaming, networking and entertainment all in one.

But this "counter charts" are just hilarious. WTH ? I don't even know why now, all of a sudden, if a company starts to market their product we now get a two page "analysis" about it. Never seen that before. That guys has some points, but overall he seams angry to me.

SaiyanFury3659d ago

Sorry, double post by mistake.

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Killzonegamer833660d ago

Edge finally said something good about the PS3!! SHOCKER, enjoy it while you can guys because unfortunatley that Killzone 2 7/10 review is right around the corner. I actually really hate edge magazine, just something about them that makes me think they are very smug and think they are better than everyone.. I cant quite place my finger on it.

Their reviews are a joke

resistance1003660d ago

A 7 out of 10 from egde means Good/above average game. Since a 5/10 is average for them compared with the 7/10 for a average game most websites seems to use now.

POGfinder3660d ago

well if you see EDGE reviews they always overrrate x360 games and underrate /massively underrrated PS3 games eg Resistance 2- 6/10

Sarcasm3659d ago

I agree, Edge is more like the Fergie of magazines. So full of themselves.

Ju3659d ago

I like how you say this: "that Killzone 2 7/10", that's what it's gona be "THAT" (singular). Wana bet ?

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Nathan Drake3660d ago

The WiiHD will probably have BluRay in it.

So I hope all those that dismissed the value of BluRay will be present when Nintendo makes the announcement :)

Sarcasm3659d ago

A WiiHD with Blu-Ray? That'd speed up the Blu-Ray dominance a lot faster. Then I'm sure down the pipe line MS will finally respond.

Ju3659d ago

Hey, Nintendo is so cheap, they didn't even put DVD movie playback into the Wii (guess license costs ??). Why would they need a BD driver ?

GiantEnemyCrab3660d ago

Why is this in the 360 section again? Seems more PS3 specific to me.

Please spare the 360 side the conspiracy, crazy ex-girlfriend excuse crap that belongs in the PS3 side.

POGfinder3660d ago

to such an extent that they had to post fake French sales figures to make x360 look good. Fortunately the REAL data was available to show how biased these bad websites are

OGharryjoysticks3660d ago

The main point of this article almost came off as a plea to Microsoft to make the WiFi cheaper like this was step one in being vocal and applying pressure.

POGfinder3660d ago

EDGE is a pathetic gaming mag. Cant believe that some people still subscribe to that mag

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