Blu-ray soars to new heights

With millions of Playstation 3 consoles sold worldwide contributing to the 10.7 million Blu-ray players in US homes, Christmas saw a major push for the format thanks to the release of "The Dark Knight".

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will113591d ago

Press Agree if you like the PS3. Press disagree if you like the 360.

chaosatom3591d ago (Edited 3591d ago )

U made me log in. I am going to make my own then.

Press Agree if you like the PS3. Press disagree if you don't like the 360.

SlappingOysters3591d ago

agree if you like The Dark Knight, disagree if you need your eyes fixed and your head screwed back on straight


this is an attempt by the people at sony to gauge the numbers. Everyone knows were DDing right now..

Now I can laugh...only dumb azz bots would believe this

AngelusRen3591d ago

what does this article have to do with the Xbox 360? i mean clearly the 360 is better but whats that got to do with blu-ray lol.

SlappingOysters3591d ago

They are releasing a new SKU of the Xbox 360 next year called the Xbox 5401/2... it has blu-ray... but the HDMI port is blocked by a fat cable

Zeevious3591d ago (Edited 3591d ago )

I posted a comment asking for someone to PLEASE post the article...
Blu-Ray is dead, when it actually is:

What...This isn't it?
It's been 45 days! How long do I have to wait, because this isn't what I signed on for!

I've ended up with stunning resolution, sound, interactive features, media convenience & broad studio support where the disc content is supposed to provide the entertainment.

The actual content ON the disc...not the format OF the disc!

Where is the rival format's teeth to the throat I've been accustomed too just 1 year ago?

With Direct Downloads being the nearest 'competitor' at just a fraction of a percent of the market, I'm getting what . . . Little more than nervous laughter laced with pity and splenda.

At this rate it'll be another FOURTEEN YEARS before it's even tickling at a gasp of death.

I suppose I'll have to find something to do over the next long 14 years, but I checked and can't find Dark Knight anywhere on VHS.

Damn you Blu-Ray...WHEN WILL YOU DIE!