IGN: Ride to Hell Impressions

"It's Easy Rider, meets Hell's Angels, meets the '60s; that's the one sentence that [describes] the game the best," said Martin Fhilipp, Developer Relations Manager at Deep Silver, the studio behind the creation of Ride to Hell.

Expanding on the introductory summation by Martin, Ride to Hell is an open-world biker game set in 95 square kilometers of California's most attractive real estate. In it, players take the reins of Ray, a Vietnam veteran who has returned to his home state to find that the conservative '50s have been swept away by something known as "the hippie movement." And the world was never the same again.

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TheColbertinator3660d ago

If this game nails down potential concepts,it could give GTA true competition.

outlawlife3660d ago

this game looks very interesting to me, i'm hoping it turns out well