White Knight Chronicles Has Trumped MGS4 in Japanese PS3 Sales

Loot Ninja writes:

"How do you know that the Japanese are RPG-obsessive? Uh, because for some strange reason White Knight Chronicles has outsold Metal Gear Solid 4 in Japanese software sales despite its horrid reviews from Famitsu (who scored the game 27/40 - Haze received higher praise). Not saying the game sucks in any way - I haven't played it myself. But outselling MGS4 is a big deal to me. It is one of the only games that had me crying a bit aside from Final Fantasy X. Just a bit."

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edwineverready3619d ago

Sony needs good jrpg's to concur japan.

psiom3619d ago

I conquer with this statement.

IzKyD13313619d ago (Edited 3619d ago )

LMAO +bubbles
nice one

edwineverready3619d ago

Now i now how to spell conquer. thanks

chaosatom3619d ago (Edited 3619d ago )

I almost didn't see the Difference.

bubbles for plang.

btw, does anybody know the real number for White Chronicles sales aganist MGS4 sales. I like to see them.

IzKyD13313619d ago

@chaosatom, I think this journalist is confused. MGS4 outsold WKC in it's first week and current lifetime sales

TheTwelve3619d ago

Agent da man.

Anyway, more good news. This is awesome. I hope this game takes over Japan and makes them mature from their Wii crazy. :)

Come to America!!!


Sevir043619d ago

and that where MGS4 stands right now. on it's debut week MGS4 sold 466k and then 68k the second week.

WKC on the other hand sold 203k the first week and then sold a solid 78k the follow week. The only thing it did was sell better in it's second week than MGS4 did. which is factual. but this game hasn't surpassed the 500k mark yet. but it will. It's selling quite well. it's already over 320k right now. by the following week it should be pretty close to selling a half a mill. in this day and age. any RPG that hits the half a million mark is good becauseonly FF and dragon quest games get those numbers in one day.

Still It's good to see that there is some traction for this game. I really cant wait for it to release state side. it looks awesome.

callahan093618d ago

I can't wait for this game, but can anybody explain to me what this article even MEANS?

It says "White Knight Chronicles has outsold Metal Gear Solid 4 in Japanese hardware sales" ...

HARDWARE sales? What? Must be a typo. Either way, he says it outsold it, but doesn't give any link or sales numbers. What does he mean it outsold it? MGS4 sold over 600,000 in Japan, and White Knight sold just over 200,000 the first week, and about 75,000 the second week, so its been 3 weeks out now, how is it that it outsold MGS4? I just don't understand the article.

Helghast3618d ago

Concur - To approve or agree with - I.E. I concur with you.

Conquer - To gain power over something/someone - I.E. Country [X] conquered country [Y].

So both 1 and 1.1 need to switch words.

GarandShooter3618d ago

Sorry you missed the joke.

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rucky3619d ago (Edited 3619d ago )

Japan loves RPGs what can you say.

wil4hire3619d ago


interrergator3619d ago

well hey japan loves rpgs lol

PPnoPP3619d ago

Now why doesn't that surprise me?

NaiNaiNai3619d ago

same, i mean its a JRPG that had alot of hype, and JRPGs seem to do best in....AHHH japan. i mean really, the only other games that might beat this are KH3, FF13, and FF13 versus, and IMO versus seems like the one that will do it.

DNAgent3619d ago

Because you knew that WKC was an awesome game and only bashed it to try & make yourself feel better about purchasing the wrong console (Xbox 360).

NaiNaiNai3619d ago (Edited 3619d ago )

actual i bashed it cause everytime i say something good about the ps3 or the 360 i get negatives and insults throw at me. like just now, i complamented it by saying the game is going to do better, and when the only game that can beat it is a FF, thats say alot. but you try and drag fanboy intents into it, why not noticed the line between where i do a fake fanbgirl rant, and me being a serious gamer.

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