New Metal Gear Online Campaign Announced

Konami lifts the curtain on its 'Welcome Rookie" MGO campaign for PlayStation 3.

Konami is attempting to wrangle in more new Metal Gear Online gamers today as it announced a "Welcome Rookie" campaign for the online tactical shooter. The campaign aims to provide new users who register up until February 16th, 2009 with a special codec pack which includes new voice content and 5,000 in-game reward points which can be used to get new items for players' characters.

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If only they made it was to complicate to log online for mgo...Most of the time i forget what my password is. Whats with the registration ? can't we just log on

Bubble Buddy3567d ago

Konami killed Metal gear. Should have left Kojima to do it.

Chester Bennington3567d ago

I think that they didn't kill it, but just made it complicated for Metal Gear Online.

Bubble Buddy3567d ago

Yeah, I meant they made MGO so hard to work with. Why couldn't they just use PSN accounts instead of having to make a new profile. It's weird. :S.


As much as i love MGS4 single player i must admit the online really sucked.I dont think this will make me want to go online with MGS4 when i have killzone2 round the corner.I was in the beta and i loved it.

MAR-TYR-DOM3567d ago

your a fool if you bought mgs4 expecting greatness from the online.
That is not what mgs franchise about.

LeonSKennedy4Life3567d ago

The be honest with you guys...Metal Gear Solid: Portable Ops had amazing online.

BattleAxe3567d ago (Edited 3567d ago )

@ Mar-Tyr-Dom

I agree, the single player storyline is why 99% of people bought the game. The online could have been great, but like someone else said,

-They should have utilized the PSN for downloads and for signing into the game.
-There are way too many things on the screen, not to mention how half the screen gets taken up when people keep posting stupid messages.
-The ranking system is terrible and unfair.
-Because of the hastle of buying map packs from the Konami store, most people don't bother to buy and play the new maps.
-The online interface is more complicated then it really needs to be.

dragunrising3567d ago

I'm waiting for trophies still...:-( Next update perhaps? Please Konami...

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HDgamer3567d ago

As a long time fan of the online mode(mgs3: subsistence) I can't wait for this.

WANNA GET HIGH3567d ago (Edited 3567d ago )

Was they need to call me a fool.Be more mature with ur reply...But if u want to play hard then i can also play along.Go suck ur mum pu$$y u a$$ face...u see, two can play that game... :/

Aclay3567d ago

This sounds great for anyone still playing MGO or anyone interested in playing it..... but I have a feeling that once Killzone 2 comes out, most other PS3 game Servers are going to be pretty dry for a while.

Nathan Drake3567d ago (Edited 3567d ago )

I disagree,they made the Online portion of the game slightly complicated to get into,but they didn't kill the MGS franchise.

Mozilla893567d ago

I don't have MGS4 but I played the demo for MGO and it was really fun...when I could connect that is. In the demo though you can play using your PSN account which made it a lot more streamlined from what I hear. I don't know who thought having a separate profile would be a good idea.

Bubble Buddy3565d ago

Yeah Drake I meant MGO, my bad -_-. It was just too complicated to work. They should have used PSN just like every other game does.

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