Gaming-Age Review: Interpol: The Trail of Dr. Chaos

Gaming-Age writes: "So yeah, I actually enjoyed playing Interpol while it lasted, but I honestly can't fathom spending $10 on it, especially when you compare that value to other things available on XBLA. If you enjoy these types of puzzles, it'll be right up your alley, but don't expect to get a whole lot of use out of it whenever you finish the main game. There's a paltry inclusion of two bonus puzzles that consist of finding the differences between two pictures, and the online component doesn't add much to the mix outside of being able to finish the puzzles a little bit faster than usual. Still, for the type of game it is, it works fine, and there are no technical issues to complain about. Definitely not worth the asking price though, so just be aware of what you're in store for before you plop down the 800 spacebucks."

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