CES 2009: Who Won the Street Fighter IV Event?

Playstation Blog writes:
That'd be Team PlayStation, as represented by Joe C. (no relation to this guy) in the CES Street Fighter IV event.
The last man standing was Joe C., who powered his way through the tourney with Sagat. He Tiger Uppercutted Major Nelson's representative, Josh (via E. Honda), in a dramatic title match, to claim the spoils (a limited edition Star Wars Battlefront PSP bundle), and defend PlayStation's good name.

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Venomish3619d ago (Edited 3619d ago )

I'm happy that PSN team won. No need to hear any xbox360 fanboys make a big deal of it. I could have sworn that if xbox team won there would be a dozen of articles "xbox is better for fighting games" etc etc

UltimateIdiot9113619d ago

He used the power of the mighty Cell processor.